5 things to know about Sophie Adenot, the astronaut selected to fly to the ISS

5 things to know about Sophie Adenot, the astronaut selected to fly to the ISS
5 things to know about Sophie Adenot, the astronaut selected to fly to the ISS

Claudie Haigneré will soon no longer be the only French astronaut. Thirty years after the arrival in August 1996 of the former minister aboard the Mir station, Sophie Adenot will succeed her in the spring of 2026 by joining the International Space Station.

A consecration for the 41-year-old young woman, just one month after obtaining her astronaut certificate from the ESA (European Space Agency) at the end of fifteen months of training with the sixteen other members of her class. .

Still little known to the public, the Nivernaise nevertheless has a well-filled CV.

Tricolor figure of space flights and stays within the International Space Station (ISS), Thomas Pesquet has not hidden his admiration for the new astronaut, nor hidden his enthusiasm at the announcement of the future takeoff for the space of her compatriot and the Belgian Raphaël Liégeois, called to take over from the Frenchwoman. “Super proud of @Soph_astro and @Raph_Astro for their first designation on a mission! »he tweeted. “Sophie should fly in spring 2026, and Raphaël in autumn. It is a recognition of their skills of course […] ».

Here are five things to know about the young woman, two years before she took off for the ISS.

Selected from 22,000 candidates

Sophie Adenot joined the European Space Agency (ESA) on November 23, 2022. Before being selected in a promotion of 17 candidates for future space flights, the native of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire was part of a list including 22,523 people!

On April 22, 2024, the Frenchwoman received her astronaut certificate, before being chosen a month later to join the International Space Station in spring 2026.

“That’s a giant step!” »she reacted from the NASA space center in Houston (Texas) where she trains. “Honor and pride to soon represent Europe and France in space and to contribute to scientific research from this flying laboratory”, added the future astronaut on social networks. “There will be challenges to overcome, qualifications to pass, procedures to learn. It’s going to be intense and I’m ready to move mountains! »

Exemplary career in the Air Force

An engineer who graduated in 2004 from the National School of Aeronautics and Space (Supaéro) in Toulouse, Sophie Adenot was not content with these studies as she also obtained her private pilot’s license.

She then crossed the Atlantic to study in Cambridge, near Boston, at the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). She also obtained her sports skydiving certificate there.

After starting her career at Airbus Helicopters, she then joined the Air School in October 2005 in Salon-de-Provence. Pilot of gliders and helicopters, then test pilot, she obtained the rank of colonel in 2023.

Yoga and foreign languages

Air Force pilot and astronaut, Sophie Adenot is also… a yoga teacher since 2020.

Mother of a young boy, the Nivernaise also displays a facility for languages ​​since she speaks English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Present on social networks

Just like Thomas Pesquet, Sophie Adenot is very present on social networks. If his Facebook page has more than 1,200 followers, his Instagram account reaches 24,500 followers and more than 26,800 on X (formerly Twitter).

Her mother is president of the Digital Health Agency

Sophie Adenot is the youngest of four children. His father had a career as a notary in Nièvre, while his mother, a pharmacist, is part of the National Academy of Pharmacy and has been president of the Digital Health Agency since October 2023.



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