Here is the tallest character in GTA history, a giant over 2 meters tall

Here is the tallest character in GTA history, a giant over 2 meters tall
Here is the tallest character in GTA history, a giant over 2 meters tall

In 25 years of existence, the saga GTA gave us many iconic characters? But do you know who really is the one who can look down on everyone?

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Started in 1997, the series GTA (For Grand Theft Auto) has established itself as one of the greatest licenses in the history of video games thanks to its trilogy of open world games released on PlayStation 2 (then on Xbox and PC): GTA III (2001) – Vice City (2002) – San Andreas (2004). Absolutely legendary, this trio of games helped establish a new genre – the GTA-like (open world shooter) – and made the open world the new standard to reach for big budget games.

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Lots of fun, but also realism in GTA

Subsequently — with GTA IV (2008) and GTA V (2013) — the series managed to reconcile the sandbox and zany aspect that so amuses players with a keen sense of detail and realism. But despite everything that can be said about the saga and its many mysteries, there is no real giant in this Rockstar Games universe (unlike Red Dead Redemption).

Even the different protagonists of the main saga (excluding GTA Online), despite their extraordinary abilities, display a relatively normal height to ordinary mortals (between 1m75 and 1m90). But then, in this case, who is really the tallest character in the series?

Lamar Davis, a unique character

To find traces of the greatest character in the saga GTAjust go back to the last game released… in 2013: GTA 5. In this record-breaking title, Rockstar Games gives one of the main characters — Franklin Clinton — a sidekick that is as funny as it is cumbersome in the person of Lamar Davis. The young criminal, who wishes to reconnect with the heritage of the “gangstas”, far too often gets his best friend involved in bad things.

Lamar Davis Rockstar Games

Nicknamed “Lanky Dumbass” (“Tall and skinny idiot” in French), Lamar Davis actually displays a height greater than that of all the other characters in the saga, since he peaks at 2m01. Measurements that would allow him to do wonders in basketball.

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