Street football tournament: Genevans at the World Cup

Genevans at the World Cup

Published today at 6:33 p.m.

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The Street Youth Tournament saw fifteen teams of three players compete under the blazing sun. On a small pitch, the three against three took place all day Sunday in front of a young and committed audience.

Created in 2020 in Avully, Gennecy Bricks organizes, in connection with neighborhood centers in the canton, an annual street football tournament. “Avully is the second poorest municipality in the canton. We therefore wanted to offer adolescents the opportunity to create something positive through sport,” explains Matthieu Tardy, co-creator of the association.

Empower young people

This year, the tournament was open to everyone. “The goal was also to empower young people. To participate, they had to pay the registration fee and form a team. The fact that they are present today proves their motivation and their determination,” he salutes.

Against the backdrop of rap music blasting at full blast, the matches come one after the other and the goals rain down. At the end of the tournament, the winning team will have the honor of representing Switzerland at the Street Football World Cup in Latvia, in October this year.

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