VIDEO. Rain of French champions after the Brassac X-Cross mountain bike!

VIDEO. Rain of French champions after the Brassac X-Cross mountain bike!
VIDEO. Rain of French champions after the Brassac X-Cross mountain bike!

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It is in some ways the culmination of more than two decades of passion for Brassac MTB X-Cross: the club hosted the French championships this weekend! This 23rd edition was exceptional with more than 700 participants and thousands of spectators.

The Brassac

Among the women, world champion Isabelle Courdurier retained her title just like Alex Rudeau among the men, Mélanie Pugin, Morgane Charre, Louis Jeandel and event regular Dylan Levesque won silver and bronze.

Other French champions: Simon André, the regional of the event in master 35 years old, Cédric Carrez in master 45 and David Blanc in master 50. In electrically assisted mountain biking Laura Charles and Céccé Camoin are adorned with blue, white and red. Tommy Bougonet, Lia Planes in U17, Kentin Baldeyrou and Elise Porta in U 19 complete the table of 2024 French enduro mountain bike champions.

Italians and Australians on the starting line

In the Open category, that is to say outside the French championship, Italians and Australians came to struggle to progress and test their level among the French specialists but in the end it was a Canadian who won!

Emmett Hancock had crossed the Atlantic to have the pleasure of crossing the South Tarn undergrowth and he loved the route and the landscapes, Francesca Diomede is placed in the female category. On Friday the road race saw Julien Morancho win the grand prize for the sign and on Saturday the young people aged 7 to 17 had a blast in the downhill and enduro events.

So 700 mountain bikers crisscrossed the Hautes Terres d’Oc and, please, under the sun! As usual, the solid team around the Brassac Lacaune VTT club offered visitors three days of sporting celebrations which made the village shine by offering not only sumptuous trails that even Pyrenean or Alpine mountaineers found astonishing, but also a unique atmosphere around the race.

A pride for the organizers

Friday Les Charettes launched the “Café manivelles” evening of the new YouTube channel specializing in cycling with music. On Saturday, the bicycle dart throw hosted and sponsored by Lifetarn even attracted the burlesque journalists from the TV show Quotidien, the group Alex et les Brettelles and then the singer Amandine Bourgeois hosted the Saturday evening concluded by DJA.

After more than two decades of organization, President Mickaël Rouanet could be proud to have organized this first French championship in his village: “If we had been told, at the beginning of the 2000s, that 23 years later, the Marseillaise would ring out in Brassac in honor of the French champions, we would never have believed it! »



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