Auray coach’s impressions before the round of 16 second leg

Auray coach’s impressions before the round of 16 second leg
Auray coach’s impressions before the round of 16 second leg

Régis Loubéry has been the coach of Pays d’Auray for five seasons now. When he took over the team, it was struggling in the standings and “vegetated” with many elders. The emphasis was therefore placed on the rugby school and young people and “a club project” was triggered.

This former RC Vannes hooker played there for eleven years in Federal 1 and rose to Pro D2. Now, at almost 45 years old, Régis Loubéry is responsible for the building department in the town of Trinité-sur-Mer and therefore coach of Auray.

This Sunday, May 26, his team which won the first leg at home (27-16) will play for a promotion to federal 2 against RC Blois.

In what state of mind are you approaching the meeting in Blois?

“As we have done all season, we come to play rugby. Our DNA is to play games and we are not going to change that. If we foil, we risk giving away too many balls.”

What do you remember from the first leg at Auray?

“We already didn’t have a good match on Sunday. Because usually we put more volume into the game, we score more. So a little disappointed. Against all the other teams we hosted, we scored 50 points on average. We want to redeem ourselves this weekend and produce a little more play.”

And what did you think of RC Blois?

“I found that Blois was a team that didn’t play too much actually. I can’t see them giving us three more tries if they give away all the balls like they did in the first leg. This means that they have to hold the ball and, physically, I found them a little short. They made substitutions after 20 minutes of play.”

A change had to be made after the injury of Blesois scrum-half Antton Souviraa…

“It’s certain that when the 9 came out, it changed the face of the match. He’s a very good player. They have very good individuals, then I think there is a bit of a lack of ball carriers moving forward. This is my view from the outside. »

How did you prepare for this match which you are approaching with a double advantage (points difference and offensive bonus)?

“We haven’t changed anything from our usual preparation. We are preparing for the match because they have a good configuration with their first block. We haven’t been very good at it so we’re working on it. We come to win, not to manage a match. »

Are you going to Blois with less pressure?

“We will not play with more pressure than usual. The only two games we lost away from home were narrow. Afterwards, it’s not us who have to play there. But we’re going to do it. »

You are 80 minutes from a federal 2 climb…

“It’s in people’s heads. The objective was to do better than last year: we had finished third, now we finished second. It was to go one more round in the final stages, we did it. It’s certain that the club hopes for the rise and given the advantage, it’s certain that we could be disappointed if we don’t go up. But if Blois has a great match and gives us 40 points, there will be nothing to say. »

Do you still think that RCB can pull itself together?

“I think it’s a team that wasn’t very good in the first leg as well. There are things they didn’t do well and they will get back on track. So hoping there will be a nice match for the supporters. »

This Sunday, May 26 at 3 p.m. at the Saint-Georges stadium in Blois.



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