Discomfort in Miami: Lance Stroll still refuses to apologize to Daniel Ricciardo for the accident in China

MIAMI | Nearly two weeks after hitting Daniel Ricciardo’s car during a yellow flag at the Chinese Grand Prix, Quebec driver Lance Stroll refuses to recognize his wrongs and apologize to the Australian. The unease between the two pilots continues to grow even though it would be so simple to open a dialogue.

On the pitch at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Ricciardo assured the Journal that Stroll has never contacted him since the accident in China.

Flashback to Shanghai.

As the safety car was preparing to leave the track for a possible restart on the 27th lap, Stroll literally drove into Ricciardo who was driving in 9th position just behind the McLaren as he approached a corner where the traffic was more slow. The impact propelled the RB single-seater into the air and off the track in addition to heavily damaging it.

Ricciardo then had to abdicate. Once in the paddocks, he spoke out of frustration and anger. Especially since he had heard the Canadian’s comments calling him an idiot for braking too suddenly.

“Where was his head? »

“It’s so frustrating. Incidents during races obviously happen, but behind a safety car, that should never be the case, said the driver with 244 career starts and 32 podiums.

“When I look at his dashboard camera, my blood boils,” he added. When we see us braking, we see his helmet turned to the right towards the apex of turn 14. He doesn’t even look at me and when he finally looks ahead, he’s already in my behind. It wasn’t just a little contact. It was very hard.

“I don’t know what he was doing or where his head was. All he had to do was follow me and worry about looking ahead, which he didn’t do.”

Ricciardo, 34, hoped his 25-year-old rival would take responsibility in the hours following the Chinese Grand Prix. He did not do it.

Fast forward to Miami 12 days after the accident that cost Ricciardo his first points of the season. Stroll still hasn’t said anything. And the Australian no longer expects anything from him.

Not the truth

During the FIA ​​press conference launching the week’s activities early in the afternoon, the Aston Martin driver only very briefly responded to a question on the subject, diverting attention towards the weekend loaded in Florida.

“It’s ancient history. It’s a shame,” he said in a handful of words.

Getty Images via AFP

Would he have spoken to his rival at RB to explain or apologize?

“All this remains behind closed doors,” he said, hesitating to answer, leading people to believe that he had done so.

Radio silence says Ricciardo

The unease therefore continues to persist, because Stroll never opened a dialogue with Ricciardo.

“He didn’t speak to me and he never called me or sent me a message,” replied the Australian when questioned by the Journal at RB headquarters just after the FIA ​​press conference.

He also wanted to know what Stroll had said on the subject in conference. Hearing the answer, he just smiled widely and added that he didn’t expect anything more from Stroll.

Getty Images via AFP

“If I was the one at fault, I would have apologized. I had a clash with Yuki (Tsunoda) a few years ago and I apologized.”

The winner of eight career races leaves the door open for a possible apology or the start of a dialogue, even if he knows it will lead nowhere. In light of Stroll’s response, he is under no illusions.



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