No one has ever gotten 10/10 on this Cabbage Soup general knowledge quiz

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July 2, 2024

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By Aurélia Baranes

Do you think you know Cabbage Soup by heart? Even the details of the filming of the movie? Come prove it with this very difficult quiz!

True or false: this is Louis de Funès’ last film

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This is false, this is his penultimate film, the last being The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes.

Who directed the film?

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This is Jean Girault.

Which other actor was considered to play the role of “La Denrée” played by Jacques Villeret in the film?

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Olivier Lejeune, who appeared in The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, was considered for the role.

True or false: the film is inspired by a novel of the same name

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That’s right, it’s a book by René Fallet, published in 1980, which caught the attention of Louis de Funès after being recommended by his son.

What was Louis de Funès not allowed to do on set?

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Due to his heart problems, Louis de Funès was forbidden from shooting at night. All the scenes in the film that take place at dusk were therefore shot in a studio.

What was the wine replaced with during filming?

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It was tinted water, much to the dismay of Jean Carmet, who revealed in an interview that he had to “swallow liters of it.”

True or false: Glaude and Bombé’s farts were performed by studio imitators

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This is absolutely true. Jean Carmet even said that he and Louis each chose the flatulence that they felt suited them best.

What year was the movie released in theaters?

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The movie was released in 1981!

Guy Delécluse, who worked on the special effects for the flying saucer, also worked on those for another famous film. Which film is it?

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This is Superman, he conceptualized the planet Krypton.

True or false: Raymond Lefèvre composed the music for the film

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It’s true, it’s also him who plays the famous theme that has become cult on the synthesizer.

Congratulations !

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You are as knowledgeable about the behind the scenes of the movie Cabbage Soup as you are about its plot! You must really be a big fan of Louis de Funès’ films. Well done!

You can also test your knowledge of the movie itself with this quiz!

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