Fabrice Andrivon’s review: “Borgo”, a thrilling thriller, with Hafsia Herzi in her finest role

This film is being screened this week in Mende and Saint-Chély-d’Apcher.

The great pleasure we take in the vision of Borgopsychological thriller by Stéphane Demoustier, is almost entirely due to a single element: Hafsia Herzi, who finds it the most beautiful role of her career.

Prison guard

This character of a prison guard, caught in a spiral of feelings, constantly prey to an inner torment which makes her shift from loyalty to her convictions to moral betrayals, fits this inhabited actress like a glove. And she excels at portraying the nuances of her character, without overdoing it, always remaining credible, as if it were easy: she remains an abyss of questions and contradictions, the film being careful not to give her behavior any too simple explanation.

Well supported by a sober but intelligent direction, which makes its context (Corsica) very credible and realistic, it superbly serves a refined scenario, with dry dialogues, which avoids clichés and sensationalism at all costs. With such tools, Demoustier manipulates us without problem in this exciting and tense thriller, and manages to make the mafia presence very palpable in his dream setting.

Portrait of a woman

But we rather have the impression, in the end, of having witnessed a superb portrait of a woman, complex and ambiguous, which is not a shame and quite unusual in this type of production. The tools of cinema allow the director to cause real disturbance and we emerge from the room filled with salutary questions. Excellent moment of subtlety.



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