15€/month for all of his team’s matches?

As of July 3, French football still has no broadcasters for the upcoming season. A most uncomfortable situation for French clubs. The situation will evolve. Ligue 1 is still waiting.

The LFP has been working on two plans for several weeks. Faced with the absence of offers deemed serious, the Professional Football League is launching and advancing its channel project. A 100% Ligue 1 channel that would belong entirely to the LFP. The subscription price of €30 has made more than one person jump. Enough to reconsider.

Daniel Riolo yesterday mentioned the latest idea from Vincent Labrune and his services:

“Several things can still happen. Depending on what happens in politics (Legislative). BeIN can still come out of the woodwork to pass on a check. Canal can change its mind. There is always this hope, in a corner. The file is still in a drawer.

But the LFP is working, and this is new, on differentiated offers. It’s the €30, but the €30 would be a complete offer. A complete offer that would be 100% of the matches, plus match summaries, old matches, programs that would be broadcast on the channel. A really comprehensive offer. And that’s where it’s totally new. Be careful. Because this could open doors. There would be a €30 offer and a €15 offer. The €15 offer would only allow you to have your team’s matches.

They are working on it. When I say that we are opening the door to some crazy things, it is because it will give the opportunity to see where there are subscribers and where there are not.
And that’s the problem. At first, I think they won’t give those numbers. They promise to continue sharing as planned for now.
Except that after a few years, when we realize that the money mainly comes from the same clubs…

For now, we know it, but we don’t say it too much. But this is the first time where we’re really going to get a feel for it. We’ll see things concretely. So we’re preparing…

I did the math. Before we get past 300 million, we’re going to need some. If you take each club with its number of subscribers to buy your team, it’s hard to go up. While all this is being built, we will obviously have to continue to borrow because there is no money to start with. Probably from CVC. We are continuing to get ourselves into trouble, but we are the advisors in authorized circles, we find ideas. So the new idea is that.”



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