A new pizza vending machine in service in Clamecy

The local pizza distributor Just Queen is setting up in the Nevers area. An automatic distribution point opened at the end of June in Clamecy.

The 24-hour Just Queen pizza vending machine has been open since the end of June, in the parking lot of the Citroën garage, in Clamecy, on Avenue Henri-Barbusse. In recent weeks, the commissioning, conditional on the power supply, was announced as imminent.

Around ten varieties available

“We do this type of installation almost everywhere in France. Clamecy fits our criteria because we favor rural installations in areas with populations of between 800 and 10,000 inhabitants. At present, we have just over five hundred distributors installed in France. We are continuing our development to meet the strong demand,” says the designer, Api Tech.

Based in Nancy, Lorraine, this company has been manufacturing and selling pizza dispensers since 2015. In 2022, it launched a national installation operation to better meet demand. “There was no standardized offer in terms of hygiene and product quality. For two years, we have been operating our own dispensers by opening pizza manufacturing workshops throughout France, with selected suppliers. The dough is made every day and supplies the dispensers around these workshops scattered throughout France (around thirty workshops currently)”, says the company. For Clamecy, the manufacturing workshop, open for several months, is located in Nevers. Replenishment is done by refrigerated truck and the dispensers are cleaned every day.

premium Vending machines are flourishing in the Nièvre countryside

Ninety-six pizzas are stocked (at most) for sale in each distributor, according to ten to eleven varieties available, according to prices ranging from €8.50 to €13.90, not to mention the derivative products including the candy pizza (€15.90). “The flour, of Italian origin, is specially developed for Just Queen, the dough is rolled out by hand, professional software ensures the monitoring and traceability of the products”, assures the manufacturer on its website. It also highlights its environmental responsibility “with distributors powered by green electricity and an optimization of delivery routes and rounds”.
Pizzas are available between one and three minutes. Payment is made by credit card or meal voucher card.

First distributor in Clamecy

A dedicated application allows you to discover current offers. You can also pay and book via the application.
This is the first point installed in Clamecy, knowing that the company has just installed vending machines in Nièvre and neighboring departments. Api Tech is already present in Bourges and Dijon where it has opened manufacturing workshops.

To note. In addition to the opening of the Clamecy distribution point, other vending machines have been announced in Cosne-sur-Loire, Tannay (soon to be operational), Lormes, Prémery, Marzy, Coulanges-sur-Yonne (Yonne, soon to be operational) and Courson-les-Carrières (Yonne).

Christophe Belhomme



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