Bayonne Festival 2024: “security system of certain effectiveness” maintained despite the context

Bayonne Festival 2024: “security system of certain effectiveness” maintained despite the context
Bayonne Festival 2024: “security system of certain effectiveness” maintained despite the context

No fewer than 900 personnel will be mobilized this year on the security system of the Bayonne Festival, announced the sub-prefect of the district during a press conference this Tuesday. According to Fabrice Rosay, this system is “adapted to the event, its scale and its attendance”. One year after the Murder of Fabrice Lanièson the first evening of the 2023 festivities, in front of his house, the human resources remain the same as in previous years, but material and structural adaptations have been made. The prevention of sexist and sexual assaults has also been strengthened, assure the authorities, while the previous edition was punctuated by 5 complaints for rape.

520 security personnel, a minimum that must not be exceeded

Despite the Olympic Games at the end of the month, the Bayonne Festival will benefit from the same mobilisation of State services as in previous years. No fewer than four CRS companies – three at night and one during the day – are deployed during the five days of the Festival. These 280 officers reinforce the 120 national police officers mobilised, to which are added gendarmerie personnel for peripheral road checks, customs officers, border police, railway security and soldiers from the Sentinelles system. In total, no fewer than 520 security personnel – to which are added municipal police officers and private security services employed by the town hall – are integrated into the system. An appropriate number, according to the prefect, but also a floor. If CRS companies ultimately have to be called in as reinforcements elsewhere, “It’s going to be complicated to maintain” the event, recognizes the state representative.

The main concern “It’s the management of flows, of people’s movements” in a city, streets, squares, a Bayonne configuration which does not “is not suitable for such a mass of people”, recalls Fabrice Rosay, while 1.3 million Festayres were recorded last year. And if the system aims to respond to this challenge, “we are never safe from difficulties that we may encounter at a given time in a particular place”, he acknowledges, adding that the The most sensitive times and places are clearly identifiedIt is also to facilitate these flows, by freeing up the Saint-Esprit and Mayou bridges, as well as the start of the Boufflers alleys, that the funfair was split in two and partly moved.

A drone to complete the video surveillance system

The system also relies on a significant video protection system which relies on the 115 multi-directional cameras of the City, installed year-round in the perimeter of the Festivals and regularly expanded, to which are added capture devices from the national police and, for the first time this year, a drone. Everything is managed from the security PC installed in the Maison des Associations in Glain for the Festivals. This surveillance system, described as “device of certain effectiveness”, by Jean-René Etchegaray, the mayor of Bayonne, allows for rapid intervention on points of friction. It also allows, a posteriori, for the perpetrators of offences or crimes to be identified. This was notably the case, says Jérôme Bourrier, the public prosecutor of Bayonne, in the Patrice Laniès affair: “The use of video surveillance was a major element” in the investigation.

Five complaints were also filed last year for rapes allegedly committed during the holidays, at least one of which was dismissed, according to the public prosecutor, while others led to the opening of judicial investigations. The system for preventing sexist and sexual violence has been strengthened this year, assure the town hall and the sub-prefect. “We have professionalized things”explains Christian Millet-Barbet, deputy mayor in charge of public safety. Trained employees of the Atherbea association, paid by the City and the State, will intervene to provide prevention on the Maina association stand (on the faculty side), collect possible victims and carry out patrols in the city.

Deployment of the Angela device against sexual assaults

Furthermore, the national system Angela will be deployed in Bayonne during these festivities. This is identified places of refuge, shops, bars, hotels, whose staff are trained to collect and secure people who have been attacked or who feel in danger. A system for preventing sexist and sexual assaults that does not “will never be enough as long as there are attacksrecognizes the sub-prefect. It’s the mindset that needs to change, you can party without being sexually aggressive towards a young woman or a young man.”

On the health side, the security measures for the Bayonne Festival are supplemented by: 380 people dedicated to helping people : 100 firefighters, 30 SAMU personnel (doctors, nurses and nursing assistants), 150 members of the Red Cross and 100 from civil protection. Again, similar resources to previous years.



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