2024 Legislative Elections: Results, Withdrawals, Programs, Alliances, Issues… Ask Midi Libre Your Questions

2024 Legislative Elections: Results, Withdrawals, Programs, Alliances, Issues… Ask Midi Libre Your Questions
2024 Legislative Elections: Results, Withdrawals, Programs, Alliances, Issues… Ask Midi Libre Your Questions

This Tuesday, July 2, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Midi Libre and political scientist David Gouard are available to answer readers’ questions before the second round of the legislative elections.

After a first round marked by the historic score of the National Rally and an unprecedented number of three-way races, there are many questions ahead of the second round which will be held this Sunday, July 7.

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Between 10am and 12pm, Midi Libre answers the questions you may have. Whether it concerns the political strategies at work, the issues at stake in this election, alliances, the functioning of the National Assembly or projections for the post-second round.

Use the question box below, taking care to enter your name and question before validating.

We will start posting answers to your questions at 10am.

Flo: Is there any information from the 1st constituency of Hérault? It seems to me that Patricia Miralles is still in the race despite the position taken by Gabriel Attal and the total impossibility of her being elected. How can we explain her silence?

Editor’s response – This Tuesday morning at 10am, Patricia Mirallès, who came in 3rd on Sunday evening, has still not spoken, despite numerous requests from Midi Libre. As you say, her chances of victory seem extremely slim if she stays, given her lead over her opponents. Perhaps she considers that a withdrawal could encourage part of her electorate to turn to the LR-RN candidate, but it is impossible, at this time, to explain her silence.

We can only assume that her defeat (because it is one) is difficult to take for a minister in office. In any case, we cannot imagine that she is not in contact with the Renaissance general staff. De facto, it is possible that she will follow the path shown by her colleagues Patrick Vignal and Laurence Cristol who withdrew from neighboring constituencies. Response no later than 6 p.m.

Sophie: What about the withdrawal of Rouverand Valerie in the 1st constituency of Gard?

Editor’s response – Valérie Rouverand (Ensemble, Renaissance), who came in third place on Sunday 30 June in the first round of the legislative elections, qualified for the second with just over 12.5% ​​of registered voters, announced her withdrawal this Tuesday 2 July early in the morning. You can find more details in our article on the subject.

Marill: The New Popular Front, which advocates building a barrier against the RN, is holding on to the 6th constituency of Hérault to help the RN win against Ms Ménard (DVD), what do you think?

Editor’s response – Magali Crozier, the NFP candidate for the 6th constituency of Hérault (Béziers) has indeed announced that she will remain in the race. In an interview with Midi Libre, she explains: “The national team called me this Monday morning telling me to stay. Because, as I said yesterday evening, in Béziers, the situation is special with two candidates from the extremes in the second round.”. There will therefore be a three-way race this Sunday in this constituency.

Gérard: The deputies, elected this Sunday, June 30, are already in the National Assembly, what are they doing?

Editor’s response – 76 deputies were invested in the first round after having collected more than 50% of the votes in their constituency. They were welcomed the following day, Monday July 1, at the National Assembly. They are not yet sitting, since the Assembly has not yet been constituted. On the other hand, they went to their place of work, for various administrative and symbolic formalities.

For example, they were given a pin, a rosette, a new badge. They also took the opportunity to take or retake their official photo. Anecdote reported this Tuesday morning on France Info, given the delays caused by the dissolution, there were not enough leather briefcases, which are traditionally given to invested deputies. Some were therefore given a tote bag instead.

Lise: I voted for the Green candidate in the 3rd constituency of Hérault, do you know if Flavio Dalmau spoke?

Editor’s response – Flavio Dalmau, candidate under the banner of the ecologists, obtained 3.2% of the votes this Sunday, June 30. He collected 2049 votes. On his X account, the candidate therefore sent 2049 thanks to his voters and called for a vote for the NFP candidate Fanny Dombre-Coste.

Pablo: In the event of a relative RN majority, can Emmanuel Macron appoint a national unity government without the far right?

Response from political scientist David Gouard: Yes, it is quite possible, it is even a strong probability if the National Rally does not have an absolute majority, or if it does not manage to form one, with elected representatives from Les Républicains for example. From then on, a government of national unity could bring together the left and Renaissance. Emmanuelle Macron would then call for a Prime Minister from the moderate left to form a government. This is the most likely scenario.

Marie-Ange: In the absence of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, how will the president choose his Prime Minister? What happens if the group he requests refuses?

Response from political scientist David Gouard – The head of state is free to choose and appoint the Prime Minister he wishes. In the event of an absolute majority, however, he will turn to the National Rally and will probably appoint Jordan Bardella. Any other choice would be contrary to the spirit of the Fifth Republic. And the appointed government would be immediately overthrown.

In the event that the National Rally only obtains a relative majority, I have a hard time seeing the head of state appointing a Prime Minister from his ranks. Here too, his government could be immediately overthrown after a vote of no confidence. Unless the RN found an alliance with the Republicans, but that seems very unlikely to me.

Agathe: I would like to know if the RN goes through to the second round, will I still have my rights to the Complementary Health Solidarity (ex CMU) and to the MDPH (Departmental House for Disabled People)?

Editor’s response – In its program, the National Rally does not mention the aid provided to people with disabilities. The health section is essentially structured around measures aimed at strengthening public hospitals and combating medical deserts. You can find the entire program supported by Jordan Bardella by following this link.

Domi: What does the RN say about France’s position in the EC?

Editor’s response – The National Rally repeatedly mentions the European Union in its program. There is never any question of exit, on the other hand Jordan Bardella promises an “exit from European rules for setting electricity prices”, the refusal of “any transfer of skills to the European Union in the areas of defense and diplomacy”, and repeatedly mentions a “European preference”.

Guy: From what time can the results be published: some municipalities published the election results before 8 p.m., is this legal?

Editor’s response – The results you may have seen are probably estimates. The law provides that election results cannot be published before the polling stations close for good at 8 p.m. Even though in most municipalities, polling stations close at 6 p.m., in large cities, polling stations may close at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., as is the case in Montpellier.

Nicolas: We hear a lot about a technical government, what does that mean?

Editor’s response – The government, in the absence of a majority in the Assembly, could be overthrown by a motion of censure. It is in this sense that the situation could be unprecedented, as analyzed by the lecturer in public law Benjamin Morel for Midi Libre. An option available to Emmanuel Macron would then be that of a so-called “technical” government, with a “relatively consensual “old sage” as Prime Minister, who would appoint civil servants as ministers”explains the constitutionalist.



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