Legislative elections in Moselle: LR mayor of Florange Rémy Dick will vote for RN candidate Laurent Jacobelli

Legislative elections in Moselle: LR mayor of Florange Rémy Dick will vote for RN candidate Laurent Jacobelli
Legislative elections in Moselle: LR mayor of Florange Rémy Dick will vote for RN candidate Laurent Jacobelli

This is a significant support that the National Rally candidate can boast of in the eighth constituency of Moselle (Hayange, Fameck, Algrange, Fontoy). Rémy Dick, the Republican mayor of Florangeindicates that he does not give voting instructions to voters but that, personally, he will vote for the National Rally candidate Laurent Jacobelli, to avoid the Mélenchonists that he describes as “first enemies of the Republic”.

La France insoumise, “this is not my France”

“I’m not used to voting blank”defends Rémy Dick on France Bleu Lorraine. “I don’t see myself allowing a massive vote for this reunited left”adds the mayor of Florange. “This New Popular Front is only a left-wing alliance behind the program of France Insoumise. We must see what program we are talking about: on the economic level, on the level of international politics. I also dare to recall the comments of the different representatives of France Insoumise on our institutions, on the Republic, on the police, on the State. This is not my France, it cannot be my France.”

Rémy Dick explains that he has a “greater proximity” with the National Rally: “On certain subjects, I can have some points of agreement with the National Rally, even if it is not my party and not the one for which I will campaign. With France Insoumise, I have, I think, no point of agreement, on any subject.”

However, the mayor of Florange affirms that Republicans still have their reason to exist : “I was the first to say that the LR are not the National Rally. That today, I refuse to be subservient to the National Rally. That my party must remain free and independent and put forward lists against the National Rally. That, in certain constituencies, we must be able to fight against the National Rally, and sometimes even if we have to be close to Horizons to do so.”

“People dangerous for the Republic”

The mayor of Florange concludes: “When we have the choice between people who are dangerous for the Republic, and the National Rally, I will vote National Rally, in this constituency and for this election.“.

Rémy Dick publishes a press release in which he details his position.

New Popular Front candidate “flabbergasted”

Contacted by France Bleu Lorraine, the candidate of the New Popular Front in this 8th constituency, Céline Léger, said “quite astonished that an elected representative of the Republic does not differentiate between the extreme right and the left”, according to the terms of the Council of State. “They have identified Jean-Luc Mélenchon as a deterrent. This is quite insulting for all the others: we have quality leaders, in the New Popular Front, who can take this post of Prime Minister and who want it, whereas Mélenchon clearly does not want it.“.

The social worker, present for the second time in the second round of the legislative elections against Laurent Jacobelliassures that she has on her side many elected officials from the constituency and elsewhere who support her.Especially from Luxembourg, where elected officials do not work with the extreme right. All issues concerning cross-border workers will not move forward as long as we have an RN elected official in our constituency. We must turn the page!



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