Legislative elections in Sarthe: an RN duel – presidential majority in the 3rd constituency

Legislative elections in Sarthe: an RN duel – presidential majority in the 3rd constituency
Legislative elections in Sarthe: an RN duel – presidential majority in the 3rd constituency

“It’s a great satisfaction“. Romain Lemoigne is not hiding his pleasure. For his first electoral campaign, the candidate of the National Rally is largely in the lead at the end of the first round of the legislative elections. He collected 42.55% of the votes, or 23,638 voters.”That’s more votes than Jordan Bardella cast in the constituency during the European elections“, rejoices the parliamentary assistant of the RN European deputy Philippe Olivier. The 23-year-old who lives in Ecommoy is ahead of Eric Martineau by 7,400 votes.

A disappointment for the outgoing MP who is running under the banner of the presidential majority, even if the arboriculturist from South Sarthe remains hopeful of a victory next Sunday.I thank the 16,000 voters who voted for me in the first round. I am hopeful of gathering a majority in the second round, because I am the only one who can avoid the victory of the RN candidate“. Mathilde Jack, the candidate of the New Popular Front, failed to reach 12.5% ​​of those registered, the minimum score to qualify.

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RN candidate calls on left-wing voters to vote for him

Despite his 13% lead, Romain Lemoigne remains cautious.I call for maximum mobilization. I also call on left-wing voters, disappointed with Macronism, to vote for me.“The new left front, as well as the presidential majority, are nevertheless asking their voters to block the RN candidates.” It is quite funny and even unnatural that left-wing voters vote for a candidate who supported pension reform via Article 49.3.“.

What will be the choice of voters who did not vote RN or Ensemble in the first round? Eric Martineau wants to be the candidate of the rally for “avoid chaos“The outgoing deputy is counting on a Republican surge.” Today, I call for reason, for unity, to form a Nation based on the values ​​that I have always defended: freedom, humanism and tolerance. I am at Modem, I have worked with people from the right and the left and this freedom, I claim it for next Sunday“.

Candidates for purchasing power

No time to breathe, we must quickly get back into the campaign to convince the undecided with one priority for Romain Lemoigne: purchasing power.We propose to reduce VAT on fuel to 5.5%, to reduce VAT on basic necessities. It’s 15 euros to save on a 50 liter tank. I find myself facing a candidate who belongs to a majority which has increased the price of electricity and is preparing to increase the price of gas“.

Promises that leave Eric Martineau doubtful. “It’s a bit easy to say: we are going to lower VAT on fuel without explaining what it will increase in return. What taxes? What taxes? I am not at all convinced by their assertions. Take health for example. The RN says it wants to put more doctors in the countryside but it voted against an amendment from Mayenne MP Garot which aimed to prohibit the installation of doctors in areas already over-endowed“. The second round battle is on.




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