Women’s Series Poitiers: Spain wins after a thrilling final – Postup.fr

Women’s Series Poitiers: Spain wins after a thrilling final – Postup.fr
Women’s Series Poitiers: Spain wins after a thrilling final – Postup.fr

Juaba Camilion took Spain to victory in Poitiers ©FIBA 3×3

In a stage without a French team and with Spain as the only team that will see the Olympics, the logic was respected. There was nevertheless a French team with Bordeaux Ballistik composed of Clarisse LEGRAND, Claire PARISI, Marion HERIAUD and Sarah OUSFAR

Results Group A for Tuesday June 25, 2024:

Germany Bordeaux Ballistic 21-7
Gyor Ukraine 10-13
Bordeaux Ballistic Ukraine 9-19
Germany Gyor 17-10
Gyor Bordeaux Ballistic 17-20
Ukraine Germany 15-19

Ranking :

1 Germany 3v. 0d.
2 Ukraine 2v. 1d.
3 Bordeaux Ballistic 1v. 2d.
4 Gyor 0v. 3d.

Few close matches in this group. The WOmen’s Series regulars quietly dominated. Note the great victory of the French from Bordeaux Ballistik against the Hungarians from Gyor, who are used to these very high level stages. A great performance which materializes in a qualification for the final table.

Pool B results from June 2, 2024:

The Netherlands Ireland 14-6
Spain Chine U24 13-9
Ireland Chine U24 13-18
The Netherlands Spain 14-16
Spain Ireland 21-7
Chine U24 The Netherlands 7-21

Pool B ranking:

1 Spain 3v. 0d.
2 The Netherlands 2v. 1d.
3 Chine U24 1v. 2d.
4 Ireland 0v. 3d.

A very unbalanced group. Between Spain and the Netherlands, accustomed to world jousts and ChinaU24 and Ireland, too tender for this level, there was no suspense. The match for first place, balanced certainly, was nevertheless marked by a level of play far from the standards. 1/14 to 2pts for the Batavians!

Quarter-final results (06/26/2024):

The Netherlands Bordeaux Ballistik 14-12
Ukraine Chine U24 16-14

The 5-0 conceded by Bordeaux Ballsitik was insurmountable for the French. Too bad because they came back to 10-12 with 1 minute to go. But the Netherlands used their superiority in the air to maintain this advantage.

Semi-final results:

A one-way semi-final between Spain and Ukraine, with a great Juana CAMILION (8pts at 4/5 at 2mts and 10.1 evaluation) and another semi-final, tense but with catastrophic accuracy. Only 9-9 after 10 minutes, a pitiful 9/30 on shots for the Germans including a 3/12 for their leader Sonja GREINACHER (4pts 10 rebounds), 20 lost balls in total…

Finale :

A special final because the Germans had to play at 3 after one of their number withdrew. Despite this, they held out against the Spanish and this second consecutive extension for the Germans will not please them. The fault has one Grace ALONSO (4pts, 8 rebounds) effective. Address level, still difficulties for the players who come out fanny at 2pts (0/12 in total). The Spanish women win in full Olympic preparation.



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