exceptional speaker promotion during sales

exceptional speaker promotion during sales
exceptional speaker promotion during sales

The Focal Chorus 726 floorstanding speakers are renowned for offering exceptional sound quality at an affordable price.

With their sleek design and advanced technologies, they promise an immersive listening experience. But what makes them truly special? In this article, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and performance of the Focal Chorus 726 in detail to help you understand why they’re so beloved by audiophiles.


Design and construction of the Focal Chorus 726

The Focal Chorus 726 speakers stand out with their modern and refined design. Their redesigned cabinetwork and new fabric holder give them an elegant appearance that fits easily into all interior styles. The slender lines and neat finishes add a touch of sophistication to your audio installation.

Robust and anti-vibration construction

The ultra-rigid MDF construction with non-parallel sides drastically limits internal vibrations, allowing for a purer and more natural sound. This design ensures better neutrality of timbres and a reduction of unwanted resonances, thus providing a more pleasant and faithful listening experience.

Advanced speaker technology

The Focal Chorus 726 are equipped with cutting-edge speakers to ensure optimal sound reproduction. The two 16.5 cm bass speakers and the 16.5 cm midrange use Polyglass technology, which combines cellulose fibre and glass microbeads for increased rigidity and detailed sound without distortion. The 25 mm TNV2 tweeter with an inverted dome in aluminium/magnesium alloy guarantees soft, dynamic and perfectly articulated highs.

Power and dynamism

With a power handling capacity ranging from 40 to 250 W, the Focal Chorus 726 are capable of producing a powerful and dynamic sound that easily fills rooms up to 40 m². The sensitivity of 91.5 dB ensures optimal efficiency, allowing these speakers to deliver deep bass, clear mids and precise treble.

OPC filtering and aerodynamic front vent

The Optimized Phase Crossover (OPC) filtering improves the sound image by ensuring a smooth transition between the different speakers. The aerodynamic front port, meanwhile, minimizes turbulence for cleaner, more precise bass.

Why choose the Focal Chorus 726?

The Focal Chorus 726 stands out for its ability to create a wide and immersive soundstage. Whether listening to music or watching films, they offer detailed and realistic sound reproduction, transporting the listener to the heart of the action.

Versatility and adaptability

These floorstanding speakers are ideal for use in both hi-fi and home cinema applications. Their ability to handle a wide frequency spectrum and maintain sonic consistency at all volume levels makes them a versatile choice for a variety of listening environments.

Value for money

The Focal Chorus 726 offers excellent value for money. It combines advanced technologies, robust construction and neat aesthetics at a competitive price, making it an essential option for high-fidelity enthusiasts.

The Focal Chorus 726 are floorstanding speakers that combine elegance, power and technology to deliver an exceptional sound experience. Whether you are a passionate audiophile or simply looking to upgrade your audio system, these speakers will meet your expectations and transform your daily listening experience. Investing in the Focal Chorus 726 means choosing quality and innovation in the service of music.




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