Legislative. The New Popular Front, “a great hope for people’s daily lives”

Legislative. The New Popular Front, “a great hope for people’s daily lives”
Legislative. The New Popular Front, “a great hope for people’s daily lives”

The face of Marion Gorgiard, involved in politics since her arrival in Saint-Brieuc fifteen years ago, is already known in the first constituency of Côtes-d’Armor. Today a candidate in the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7 for the New Popular Front, she was that of La France insoumise in 2022 and in 2017.

To draw up the alliance of the left in a short time, the 62-year-old candidate demonstrates a fluid implementation, due to “an extended coalition” in the first district. For her, the New Popular Front “represents great hope for people’s daily lives.”

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In the event of an accession to power, Marion Gorgiard announces “the summer of transformations”. Starting with a ” repair “ by repealing the pension reform and “what is being prepared for unemployment benefit”. “We want to give back to people what they have lost and act for their purchasing power by blocking prices on energy and basic necessities, but also by increasing incomes. » Particular attention will also be paid to youth. “The solidarity grocery store on the Mazier campus estimates the needs at a third of students”, indicates the candidate.

“Defend what seems right to us”

The activism of Briochine originating from the country of Saint-Malo also emerged during student movements. “It builds the collective spirit. We learn a lot on the ground by meeting people, by defending what seems right to us. »

A land deserted according to her by members of the National Rally. “We don’t see them. By highlighting the contradictions between their speeches and their actions, we show that with the RN, it would be the arrival of the vampire who fears the light. It is far from being a party that defends people. He has not no political vision nor the means to govern. »

“Very large influx” towards the New Popular Front

His substitute is Yann Hamon, French teacher in Saint-Brieuc, also municipal councilor of the opposition in Langueux. Joined at Europe-Écologie – Les Verts since 2020, this 45-year-old father testifies to a “very large influx” towards the New Popular Front. “Several hundred activists joined us in the constituency. Including people who were no longer politically engaged. »

For years, the two Briochins have met regularly in the field. ” We are engaged together in social and environmental struggles for several years. »



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