SENEGAL-HYDRAULIQUE / Repair of the ALG2 pipe: water distribution will gradually return to normal in Dakar and Rufisque (SEN’EAU) – Senegalese press agency

Dakar, June 22 (APS) – “A gradual return to normal water distribution” in the districts of Dakar and Rufisque impacted by repair work on the supply pipe of Lake Guiers (ALG2), is planned Sunday during the day, assured Saturday, the director of territories and operations of SEN’EAU, Richard Kinkpe.

”The repair work on the leak in the supply pipe number 2 of Lake Guiers (ALG2), near the new land front flyover, in Dakar, is taking place in good conditions, he said. declared to the APS.

”Since Friday, we have started this work for a period of 48 hours, we are now at the stage of installing the shielding of the installations,” he added.

He clarified that the leak did not result from a failure of the SEN’EAU installations but was caused by one of the companies engaged in the ongoing work on the landfront flyover.

This work led to disruptions on Friday and Saturday in the water distribution in several districts of the cities of Dakar and Rufisque, precisely in the Sangalkam sector, he lamented.

”To reduce the impact of this work on our customers, we have put in place a mechanism for optimal management of the flow of water on the perimeter of Dakar, supported health structures to maintain their activities and mobilized a system of tank trucks to relieve the populations of the most impacted areas,” explained Richard Kinkpe.

SEN’EAU has taken ”all arrangements” for the smooth completion of this work within the allotted time frame and to reduce their impact on the areas concerned.

SEN’EAU is a company under Senegalese law responsible for the exploitation and distribution of water in several cities in the country.





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