80 years of freedom: Grenoble remembers

80 years of freedom: Grenoble remembers
80 years of freedom: Grenoble remembers

Home of a remarkable resistance under Vichy and decorated as Commune Companion of the Liberation by General De Gaulle, Grenoble proudly commemorates its victory against the Nazi occupiers on August 22, 1944! On this occasion, the City has scheduled various activities promoting the values ​​of Resistance and peace.

Return to historical points: The Grenobloise Resistance

During the Second World War, the one the BBC nicknamed “the Capital of the Maquis” fought against the authoritarian regime in place. Publication of the resistance newspaper “Les Allobroges” from March 1942, patriotic rally on November 11, 1943 on Place Pasteur (having led to the “Saint-Barthélémy Grenoble”), destruction of the powder magazine, the barracks, transformers and factories used by the enemy, manufacturing of false papers by the University of Grenoble, or even the formation of a maquis in the Vercors: numerous forms of resistance in Grenoble have emerged.

Following these four years of struggle, the landing in Provence on August 15, 1944 forced the Germans to abandon the city on the night of August 21 to 22. In the morning, the FFI (French Interior Forces) then US troops entered Grenoble marking the liberation of the city. On November 5, 1944, General de Gaulle began his first visit to liberated Grenoble and presented the Mayor with the Cross of the Liberation. Added to this are the decorations of seven Grenoblois made Companion of the Liberation and finally that of the City decorated with the War Cross 1939-1945 with palm.

3 years of commemorations: Grenoble highlights the role of women and immigrants in particular

The City of Grenoble has chosen to pass on the memory of the Resistance to new generations, moreover this year 2024 is marked by the co-presidency of the Mayor of Grenoble of the Order of the Liberation. Thus, the celebration and awareness program will focus in part on the significant involvement of women in the Resistance as well as on foreigners and immigrants, too often forgotten. The commemorations extend over 3 years (2023, 2024, 2025), for 3 anniversaries: 1943, 1944, and 1945 in order to transmit the values ​​of resistance and peace resulting from this period.

The City notably organized a ceremony on March 8 in tribute to the Dauphinoise Heroines of the Resistance, but also a conference “Tirailleurs d’Afrique: between history and memories”, and it hosted the celebration of the appeal on Tuesday, June 18. history of General de Gaulle to refuse defeat and to continue the fight against the enemy. On Wednesday June 19, the metropolis and SMAG inaugurated the new “Chavant” bus and tram stops with the names and stories of the resistance fighters in our territory.

Upcoming celebrations: not to be missed!

There are many upcoming activities on the theme: exhibitions, guided tours, film screenings, immersive readings, ceremonies, etc. A comic strip which traces the major events of resistance and oppression in Grenoble during the Second World War, entitled “Grenoble, Compagnon de la Libération” was published Thursday June 20 and is available in bookstores. The work is accompanied by an exhibition of the plates retracing the different stages of its creation, from the storyboard to the color plates. Jazz concerts are also taking place at the moment with the Harmonie de Grenoble in different parks in Grenoble!

The major day commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Liberation of Grenoble will be held on Thursday August 22, 2024 at the Jardin de Ville in Grenoble: ceremonies with laying of wreaths, a military music concert and a major Liberation Ball!

On November 5, the City will organize the ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the presentation of the Cross of Liberation to Grenoble. Finally, on June 8, 2025, the celebration period will end with the 80th anniversary of the victory against Nazi Germany. A conference will then be organized as part of the biennial of cities in transition.



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