Employees of a Montreal construction site jump rope

Employees of a Montreal construction site jump rope
Employees of a Montreal construction site jump rope

Images filmed in Montreal have sparked a lot of comments on Instagram in the last few hours.

On these, we can see half a dozen construction workers having a good time jumping rope.

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One of them turns the rope, the other end of which is attached to a post, while a man performs a few somersaults to the great amusement of the four other workers witnessing the scene.

The sticker as well as the inscription embedded in the video mention: “I love seeing our tax money put to work”.

In the comments under the publication, however, several Internet users defended the workers, particularly in the context of the heat of the last few days.

“Why do people always expect government employees to be sad and miserable? Let them live,” someone wrote.

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“Did you know they worked outside in this heat of around 45 degrees?! Let them have fun, they even deserved a swimming pool for their break!”, mentioned another.

“Do you remember the time when it was still allowed to have fun for 10 seconds?”, keenly observed the last Internet user that we will quote.


And you, what do you think of this scene?


It is unacceptable that my taxes are used for this!


Give them patience! They have the right to have fun for 10 seconds


There is a lack of context for me to judge.

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