Quebec and Ottawa inject $115 million for emergency housing in Montreal

Quebec and Ottawa inject $115 million for emergency housing in Montreal
Quebec and Ottawa inject $115 million for emergency housing in Montreal

MONTREAL — The federal and Quebec governments have announced the allocation of nearly $60 million per year over the next two years to allow people experiencing homelessness in Montreal to have a roof over their heads.

Ottawa and Quebec are releasing $57.5 million per year to develop emergency and transitional housing projects.

Both levels of government say this money will improve or expand 51 housing projects in the city.

This funding will create more than 520 new accommodation spaces in Montreal, an increase of 30% in the number of housing available in the metropolis compared to December 2023.

According to a joint press release from Ottawa and Quebec, the announcement includes the inauguration of a hotel transformed into a 24-unit community building for men experiencing homelessness in the Mile-End district of Montreal.

The federal government invested more than $6.5 million in this project, called “At the Foot of the Mountain” and led by the Old Brewery Mission., as part of the Initiative for Rapid Housing Creation (ICRL). The government of Quebec is also helping to finance this initiative, estimated at more than $8 million, through the rent supplement program.

“Everyone deserves to have access to a safe and affordable place to call home. Our federal government is proud to fund the creation of 24 new housing units for those who need it most, here in our beautiful Mile-End neighborhood. The values ​​of mutual aid and solidarity are fundamental for the residents of our neighborhood and this project demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind,” declared in a press release the Liberal MP for the federal riding of Outremont, Rachel Bendayan.

James Hughes, president and CEO of the Old Brewery Mission, believes it is imperative to “increase and diversify the housing supply across the metropolis.”

“The main solution to the phenomenon of homelessness is simple: it is housing, whether it is social, community, affordable or private market housing. Over the coming years, La Résidence Bash Shetty and its 24 units will allow many men to take a further step towards residential stability and find a home worthy of the name,” he rejoiced in a communicated.

According to the Minister responsible for Social Services, Lionel Carmant, “this new investment demonstrates the real efforts being made by the Government of Quebec to better support people experiencing homelessness.”

“Organizations will also now be able to count on funding that will offer them stability and predictability for their future activities,” he adds in the press release. Our actions aim to increase access to emergency and transitional housing services, in conjunction with the teams in place in Montreal, while continuing to support transitional housing and the creation of supervised housing. These three components are necessary to promote the complete reintegration of people experiencing homelessness. It’s a priority for us.”

The Minister of Housing, France-Élaine Duranceau, stressed that there is strength in unity.

“To effectively combat homelessness, we must unite our actions. The funding announced today is a good example of this. I am proud of our government’s contribution and I welcome the participation of our partners in this concerted initiative.”



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