Rodez. An exceptional work on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Soulages museum

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Soulages museum is publishing in collaboration with the artist Jean-Marie Picard, xylographer, a work of art-portfolio composed of 12 woodcuts.

These twelve images engraved on wood by Jean-Marie Picard evoke Pierre Soulages. They were chosen and interpreted freely, taken from the iconography of the painter, a choice of photographs evoking his life as a painter and his life as a man. It is a tribute accompanied by texts which in no way claim to be chapters of a complete biography. These are deliberate choices.


In this sense, we would see them as living paintings, a fixed representation of characters in a given time and not chronological boundaries. Each woodcut refers to a facet of the painter, to an encounter, in short to a fragment, to a moment.

« We were inspired by photographs by Yousuf Karsh, William Claxton, Derek Hudson, Colette Soulagesentrusts Benoît Decrondirector/curator of the Soulages Rodez museum. Pierre Soulages once admitted to me that he had practiced the major techniques of engraving and printmaking, etching, aquatint, lithography, screen printing, but not xylography or engraved wood. He regretted it. »

With this tribute from Jean-Marie Picard, original and sensitive prints to celebrate ten years of the Soulages museum, here is an absence indirectly filled.

  • Work of art-portfolio (limited and numbered edition)
  • Drawings and woodcuts, Jean-Marie Picard
  • Texts, Benoît Decron
  • Soulages museum edition, June 2024
  • First 10 issues: one additional print


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