Whooping cough epidemic: the mask makes a return to Roanne hospital

Whooping cough epidemic: the mask makes a return to Roanne hospital
Whooping cough epidemic: the mask makes a return to Roanne hospital

Due to an increase in cases of whooping cough in the region, masks are once again compulsory at Roanne hospital. And this until July 12 inclusive.

A new poster has appeared on the hospital’s automatic doors. It indicates the return of an old “friend”: the mask. Since Thursday, June 20, it is again compulsory within the establishment. And this until July 12.

The hospital management made this decision following the explosion in the number of whooping cough cases in the region. Around 250 cases in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have been recorded since January*, compared to 11 for the whole of last year. Five cases were identified among healthcare professionals at the Roanne hospital center.

A positive person can infect 15

“We opted for this period of 21 days, because this is the maximum incubation period for the bacteria,” explains Benoît Mottet-Auselo, medical officer of health at Roanne hospital. “We have an intense circulation of the bacteria. This is to reduce the risk of spread.”

The health professional reminds that a person declared positive can contaminate 15 others. Much more than Covid at the time of successive waves of the virus.

Two children dead in Montpellier

There are several ways to effectively combat whooping cough. An antibiotic, if you are contaminated. Or, as a preventative measure, vaccination. This is strongly recommended for mothers during pregnancy. But also in all people closely related to the infant. “There can be quite serious complications in younger subjects.” The bacteria can even, in extreme cases, lead to the death of the child. Recently, two infants died at Montpellier hospital.

Morgan Parmentier

*In the Loire, 13 cases have been recorded since January, 33 in the Rhône, which is one of the most affected departments in France. Figures from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) from June 19, 2024.

Whooping cough: what symptoms?

This bacteria can cause a simple cough up to very severe coughs. Breathing difficulties may also appear. Some symptoms may suggest a simple cold or allergies. So how can we differentiate between these three pathologies? “A cough that lasts, without a temperature, is generally synonymous with whooping cough,” replies Anne Meunier, president of the Establishment Medical Commission.



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