A rainbow pedestrian crossing in Lyon

A rainbow pedestrian crossing in Lyon
A rainbow pedestrian crossing in Lyon

The Lyon Metropolis recently inaugurated a rainbow-colored pedestrian crossing. It is located at the crossroads of Rue Pasteur and Rue Bonald, in the heart of the Guillotière district.

This initiative is a first for the city of Lyon. Other symbols of this type are visible in many cities. Quimper, Laval, Bordeaux or Paris (Marais district). The rainbow pedestrian crossing aims to promote visibility and respect for the rights of LGBT+ people.

Fanny Dubotmayor of the 7th arrondissement, explains the initiative: “A few months ago, we decided to install rainbow pedestrian crossings in the district of Guillotiere to raise awareness of the fight against discriminationsin particular those against the LGBT+ community. The rainbow flag represents the diversity of our society and reminds us that everyone has their place. For some, these bright colors will spark curiosity. And, perhaps, a desire to learn more about this community, thus contributing to reduce prejudice through awareness and visibility. »

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A rainbow pedestrian crossing at La Guillotière

Present at the inauguration, Arthur Desachyrepresentative of the association SOS Homophobia, also shares his opinion: “This inauguration is symbolically important. Unfortunately, homophobic messages and tags were quickly placed on this pedestrian crossing. This attack on a symbol of diversity shows the persistence of prejudices and the desire of some to deny the visibility of LGBT+ people in public space. Our association is determined to fight against these attacks and to defend the right of everyone to exist freely. »

Vincent Monot, Sylvie Tomic, Fanny Dubot, Thomas Dossus

Essential to live in harmony…

Laurent Kestelyn, director of the nearby CEESO school, also shares his point of view: “For me, it’s normal. Our company brings together people with varied orientations, cultures and religions. It is essential that everyone can Live in harmony. »

Bar employees Livestation in front of the rainbow pedestrian crossing also expressed their support. Having a long history of working with City Hall on Pride events and other initiatives, they emphasize the importance of promoting an environment where everyone is welcome.

This event highlights Lyon’s commitment toinclusion and the diversitysending a strong message of support and solidarity towards the LGBT+ community. Thanks to this initiative, the city shows its desire to promote a harmonious and respectful coexistence.

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