Mother and daughter honored during same convocation ceremony

Mother and daughter honored during same convocation ceremony
Mother and daughter honored during same convocation ceremony

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June 18, second day of convocation at Laval University. In the afternoon, the ceremony was attended by many graduates from three faculties, those of Planning, Architecture, Art and Design, Forestry, Geography and Geomatics, and Environmental Sciences. agriculture and food.

The first faculty awarded a doctorate honoris causa (DHC) in art and science of animation to the director and producer of animated films Nancy Florence Savard, while the third presented a baccalaureate diploma in nutrition to the latter’s daughter, Laurie-Jane Couture.

“This event is doubly special,” says Nancy Florence Savard. “Due to the pandemic,” she said, “we were unable to be there for our son Charles-William’s graduation and I attended online that of our other daughter, Émilie-Rose, two graduates from Laval University. So being present at the graduation of Laurie-Jane, the youngest in the family, and mine will be a unique event!”

“The emotion will undoubtedly be palpable,” she adds, “I cry easily when it comes to my children.”

Laurie-Jane Couture recalls that her mother is “very busy and often in the four corners of the world”. “I am happy,” she continues, “that she can be with me for this day and that I can be by her side as well. I will be very proud of my mother on this day. She works in a predominantly male environment and she has always shown me that, in life, we have to stand up and take our place, even if it is not always well seen. You have to open doors that are often closed, see what others don’t see and do what others don’t do.”

The honorary doctorate recipient also feels pride in her daughter. “I am impressed by the amount of work that a bachelor’s degree in nutrition requires,” explains Nancy Florence Savard. It is a very competitive discipline. This science with unsuspected virtues should be combined with the medical and pharmaceutical approach. Laurie-Jane already gives conferences, workshops and recipe ideas with her blog Food Passion and she does individual consultation. Knowing how to choose the right foods, carefully, while enjoying a festive diet is her mission. Well done, Laurie-Jane, I’m proud of you.”

Nancy Florence Savard produced her first animated films wanting to offer her children and those of Quebec local films in the type of production they prefer: animation. “With the quality of the children’s scriptwriters that we had and the digital animation technology that we were inventing,” she explains, “we had to rush to offer local families films putting our fauna and flora on the screen. , our architecture, our music, our stories and our characters, so that our children can recognize themselves.”

She dedicated her first 3D animated films to her three children.

Laurie-Jane Couture does not believe that there will be an extraordinary activity to celebrate the presentation of the DHC and the presentation of the diploma. “At home,” she says, “Nancy’s favorite phrase is “That’s happiness, han?” when we are gathered at the table around a good meal.” According to her, her mother is more than a full-time producer and director. “She is above all a mother who was able to juggle work and family life, as every woman should be able to do,” she maintains. It’s a model, it’s mine.”



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