DIRECT. Belgium – Slovakia: the Red Devils surprised… follow the match

DIRECT. Belgium – Slovakia: the Red Devils surprised… follow the match
DIRECT. Belgium – Slovakia: the Red Devils surprised… follow the match

Let’s go to Frankfurt! In this Group E meeting, Belgium, for its entry into the running in this Euro 2024, is led against Slovakia.

18:38 – Castagne concedes a corner (37th)

The Belgian defense is in panic with each opposing action. Slovakia is looking to make the break.

18:36 – Dubravka preserves Slovakia’s advantage (36th)

On the corner, at the penalty point, Onana was not able to put any force into his head.

18:34 – Doku wins a corner (34th)

Launched deep by De Bruyne, the Belgian winger was blocked on his attempted cross.

18:31 – Bozenik gives a thrill (32nd)

At 25 meters, after a nice move, the Slovak striker took his chance. Casteels lay down on his left.

18:29 – Mangala receives a yellow card (30th)

Trossard, definitely not in his right mood, missed a transmission. Forced to try to recover the ball, the midfielder wiped his crampons on his opponent. This is a logical warning!

18:26 – The pace is slow (27th)

Belgium has possession of the ball, but everything has been quite sterile for a few minutes.

18:23 – De Bruyne and Lukaku curse (24th)

The two leaders start pressing, but they are not supported by the midfielders and defenders. Slovakia thus plays easily between the lines.

18:21 – Trossard misses a big opportunity (21st)

Served at the entrance to his penalty area, Dubravka loses a dangerous ball against the threat of De Bruyne. From 30 meters away, the Arsenal player shot over the empty goal. Lukaku demanded the ball.

18:20 – Faes concedes in a corner (19th)

Once again, the Belgian defense was put in difficulty on this long ball. On the corner, the former Rémois recovers and clears the danger.

18:17 – Slovakia manages the tempo of this meeting (18th)

Since the opening score, Skriniar’s partners have strived to keep the ball well, before playing in depth. Belgium is apathetic.

18:16 – Skriniar intervenes on a shot from Doku (16th)

The Belgian winger continues to make the difference thanks to his speed. His left shot is repelled by the head of the PSG defender.

18:15 – Slovakia’s goal on video! (15th)

Doku, author of a good start to the game, is very unhappy with this action.

18:13 – De Bruyne gets a good free kick (14th)

The Belgian attacking midfielder was cut down 25 meters from the goal. The Belgians plan for eight elements.

18:13 – The Red Devils are stunned (12th)

De Bruyne, during an attempt to change wings, sends the ball directly into the stand. Tedesco gets annoyed on his bench.


Doku made a mistake on his raise. Kucka inherited the leather in the penalty area, but Casteels repelled his attempt. Secondly, Schranz places the ball between the goalkeeper’s feet. What a surprise !




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