In Orne, this retired nanny sees her children again: a nice surprise

In Orne, this retired nanny sees her children again: a nice surprise
In Orne, this retired nanny sees her children again: a nice surprise


Nicolas Segura

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June 14, 2024 at 5:03 p.m.

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This event in Châtellier (Orne), initiated by Nicolas and Fabienher sons, and kept secret until the last moment, brought together a large part of the 63 children she mothered during her long careersome coming from far away (Bordeaux, Lyon, etc.).

Several generations of children

Marguerite, very moved, thus found in the same painting several generations of her dear babies (the eldest, Virginie, is 46 years old, the youngest, little Paul, is 6 years old).

Of course, everyone mentioned their touching memories : walks in the Flers park for the former (Virginie, Élodie), at the Châtellier pond or on the greenway, the games at the edge of the stream (or even in it…), the collages (Martin), the drawings, the artistic creationscerebral activities (Capucine), the ironic criticism of the outfits of the “Shopping Queens” (Zoé), homemade snacks (Manuel, Chloé, Élodie, Élise).., etc.

Shared memories

The parents expressed their acknowledgement :

I was terrified at the idea of ​​leaving my daughter with a stranger. Marguerite quickly reassured me, and we have been friends of the couple for forty-six years.

Patricia, mother of a child left with a nanny

Forgotten anecdotes have come to light: Othilie, two years old, who escapes from her parents (in Saint-Clair-de-Halouze) to come see your Nannychildren who, to the great dismay of their mother, refuse to leave Nanny in the evening, or those who, seeing her come to pick up her charges from school, absolutely want to return with her (Perrine).

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The thread is difficult to break: Chloé came to Nanny’s house every day after school, on Wednesdays and during School vacation Until she was sixteen, Virginie and Élodie came for a long time during the holidays to play with Nicolas and Fabien and, very fortunately, to Nanny’s great joy, some come see her from time to time !

They are still in contact

The town hall and the Chatellier festival committee were thanked for the loan of land and equipment.

Were also thanked Antony and Sabrina, Tony, Samuel and all those, children included (Éliott, Mathéo, Évan), “without whom the organization of this wonderful day would not have been possible. And a huge thank you to Nicolas, Fabien and their companions who had this great idea and who knew how to implement it. »

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