GLOBAL – Canada reduces the mark

GLOBAL – Canada reduces the mark
GLOBAL – Canada reduces the mark
Semi-final (Prague)

15:06 Fiala (Loeffel, Andrighetto / PP1) 0-1
17:16 Niederreiter (Josi, Fiala / PP1) 0-2
34:07 Tanev (Dubois, Zellweger) 1-2

Never change a winning team: Patrick Fischer decided to field exactly the same team as in the quarter-finals against Germany. Philip Kurashev is therefore in the stands again. In the Canadian ranks, a little surprise: if Connor Bedard is on the ice, he only occupies the 13th forward position.

Start of the match in “observation” mode and it is a first penalty against a Canadian which will allow Switzerland to put some animation… and to the goalkeeper Jordan Binnington to be intractable. After eight minutes of play, there are six shots to zero for the Helvetians.

There were a few chances on both sides, but sharper than that. Except that of Nico Hischer in the 15th which obliged Jared McCann to make a mistake. The second Swiss numerical superiority could have turned into confusion for Leonardo Genoni who proved decisive in Brandon Hagel. A huge opportunity for Sven Andrighetto and Genoni still ahead Brandon Tanev. Finally, Kevin Fiala who scored his 7th goal for an opening to the Swiss mark. All in less than two minutes.

Leonardo Genoni perfect

A powerplay which will still work wonders shortly before the first siren to allow Nino Niederreiter to double the advantage of the Swiss. This 130-second effort allowed the Nati to return to the locker room with confidence. And it was seen from the restart with a dominant Switzerland against a borrowed Canada. And who continues to be undisciplined through John Tavares (24th). Another missed powerplay opportunity for the Helvetians, but once again a breakaway of Dawson Mercer that a perfect Genoni will manage to annihilate, as in the first period.

A cross-check of Jonas Siegenthaler (27th) could have revived the North Americans, the boxplay did its job correctly. But Canada has regained some momentum. The minutes that followed were difficult for Fischer’s men. A non-existent penalty against Romain Loeffel will offer Canadians a lifeline. Unable to win their duels, the players ofAndré Tourigny fail to grasp it.

It is finally at five against five that Tanev (35th) will give some color to the Canadians. This announces a very hot end to the 2nd third and a 3rd period.

(To be continued)



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