Drop in polls: founding members of QS warn against refocusing

Drop in polls: founding members of QS warn against refocusing
Drop in polls: founding members of QS warn against refocusing

Despite the drop in Quebec Solidaire’s voting intentions, founding members of the left-wing party warn against a refocusing like the one that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is proposing, with his call for “pragmatism”.

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“It is certain that I would prefer to comment on a poll which places us at 20-25%, but hey, it is certain that we are going through a crisis, no one can hide it,” confided the former MP solidarity with Amir Khadir, in reaction to the Léger probe, which places QS on par with the conservatives of Éric Duhaime.

The poll also indicates that since the beginning of spring, QS has lost six points, or a third of its electorate. Even before the departure of Émilise Lessard-Therrien, QS was already on a “downward slope,” analyzed Mr. Khadir in an interview with The newspaper.

“We cannot say that the current leadership of the party has found the means to correct the situation,” notes the former member of Parliament for Mercier.

“Everyone must recognize that internal problems have not served us well for several months,” regrets Mr. Khadir.

The left in difficulty

According to him, there is also a context: “everywhere in the West, parties that resemble us are in difficulty,” notes Mr. Khadir. He is thinking in particular of the left-wing parties Syriza, in Greece and Podemos, in Spain.

“All those who looked like us and who made this kind of questioning, in the implied sense that we must come back to the center, did nothing. […] All those who have reduced their ambitions to better please the institutional, media, parliamentary environment, etc., are being ignored,” he said.

The one who participated in the founding of Québec solidaire therefore issues a warning: “those who think and are seduced by this idea that a refocusing will help us, I think they are in error”.

GND will have to clarify its turn

However, he leaves it to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois to specify the shift he is proposing.

Our Parliamentary Office has also traced a video extract dating from 2018, in which Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois affirmed that “to think that the seizure of power for a party necessarily involves a refocusing, it is an old way of understanding politics “.

“All the people at Québec solidaire are pragmatic. Without that, we would have remained in our advocacy groups,” Mr. Khadir also observed.

Another founding member of Québec solidaire, Pierre Mouterde, recently wrote that “rather than dreaming of refocusing […] or necessary pragmatism, as Gabriel Nadeau Dubois seems to evoke”, the number 1 priority of QS should rather be that of strengthening its dimension as a “party of the street”.

On the phone, the sociologist and essayist explains that those in solidarity must notably debate how they aspire to form the government. “Quickly by moving back towards the center”, or by taking the time to give ourselves the means, once in power, “to make real changes”, questions Mr. Mouterde.

“We have always wanted to be a government party, the question is not that, it is how to get there,” believes the activist.

Duhaime continues to look out for solidarity

Encouraged by the results of the last Léger, his best since the 2022 election, conservative leader Éric Duhaime finds it even more appropriate to wink at disappointed supporters.

When he published an open letter inviting them to join the PCQ, he was without knowing that he was now tied with QS in voting intentions. But “I felt that there were people in solidarity who joined us,” commented Mr. Duhaime in an interview with our Parliamentary Office.

“QS has gone down by two, the rest of us have gone up by two: I’m not saying that it’s necessarily direct from the communicating vessels, but it’s not impossible that there is a certain form of transfer,” estimates the conservative leader.

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