three burglaries in five months at Secours populaire in Isère, volunteers disgusted

three burglaries in five months at Secours populaire in Isère, volunteers disgusted
three burglaries in five months at Secours populaire in Isère, volunteers disgusted
Published on 05/09/2024 at 06:55 a.m.

Written by Marine Lesprit And Mathilde Iehl

In Bourgoin-Jallieu, a Secours populaire storage room was the target of a break-in, noted by volunteers on Monday. Already the victim of two burglaries in Isère, in March and December, the association is now considering investing to secure its buildings and deplores long-term losses.

A field of ruins” This is what the members of Secours populaire discovered this Monday, May 6, when they entered their warehouse in Bourgoin-Jallieu, in Isère. The padlock which blocked the door of the premises made available by the town hall, sawn .

The boxes full of clothes, ripped open. Around 200 boxes, estimates the Portes de l’Isère branch, prepared for weeks for a fundraising sale. Textiles, household appliances, trinkets have disappeared or been damaged – “approximately 50% of the planned stock“.


The broken padlock found by Secours populaire in Bourgoin-Jallieu.


We have the double punishment: having tired ourselves for nothing and losing money to help the most deprived“, sighs Jean-Michel Monnet-Paquet, the secretary general of the branch. This Wednesday, the assessment of the damage was still in progress and should amount to several thousand euros. In the meantime, the volunteers are busy : “Once the stupor passed, we set to work to try to repackage everything that was scattered.”

Construction still in progress. Busy packing stuffed animals, Danièle Goutaudier sighs: “Considering the price we sell frankly, it’s not worth stealing!” A “disgust“what Nabil Chetouf shares, with a thought for these”months of work of volunteers who went up in smoke“.”This is scandalous and unacceptable.”, insists the secretary general of the Isère federation. He assures that this will supplement the stocks so that the “bric a brac” of the Berjalian antenna can take place as planned, on May 18.

Even if we are really disappointed to have done all our work for nothing and to have lost money, we will mobilize, in the short term, to try to satisfy the needs of the people we welcome. They still need food aid, clothing assistance, access to rights, French lessons, computer lessons… We must continue.

Jean-Michel Monnet-Paquet, secretary general of the Portes de l’Isère committee of Secours populaire

The blow is hard. Nabil Chetouf doubts that the authors intentionally targeted the association. But in the 28 years since he joined its ranks, from memory, the “Popular relief had never known” of burglary. This is the third suffered in the space of a few months, after the premises of Vif in March and that of Échirolles in December. Vehicles damaged, the fruit of a year of collection stolen, the installations electrical equipment affected: two days before Christmas, the affair then aroused emotion and damage estimated today at “more than a million euros“.

You have the equipment that you lose, all the exploitation part that you do not have, which you must succeed in quantifying, and all the solidarity part that you could have provided“, supports Nabil Chetouf. Because four months after the events, the premises are still unusable and, even recently, “donations could not be received“lack of square meters to store them.

From now on, the association which had until then relied on the “citizen vigilance“said to start a”background reflection” on securing its premises. It plans to install video surveillance and alarm systems in its antennas and their annexes – around 80 buildings to be equipped throughout the department. And therefore significant funding to be found, in particular to communities.

The situation is all the more critical as with inflation, food collections are struggling. Solidarity associations have seen their expenses increase at the same time as the number of beneficiaries.

In Isère, 32,000 families are supported by Secours populaire. “The people who robbed our stock, in a number of years, they [en] may need“, sighs Jean-Michel Monnet-Paquet. “It’s life that will teach them“, he concludes, his hands immersed in a box of clothes.



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