President Bassirou Diomaye Faye: some remarks on religion and land – Lequotidien

President Bassirou Diomaye Faye: some remarks on religion and land – Lequotidien
President Bassirou Diomaye Faye: some remarks on religion and land – Lequotidien

Congratulations again to President Diomaye Faye who reconfirms, during each visit to religious and brotherhood families, his commitment to supporting the spiritual and cultural values ​​which underpin the collective identity of Senegal. A people, a goal, a faith anchored in respect for the sacredness of each other in a country which works to make religion a determining factor in living together and social peace. In Touba, in Tivaouane, in Medina Gounass, visiting the Catholic clergy, you deconstruct, day by day, the image that was placed on you and on PM Sonko as leaders who were going to destabilize religious homes. Your first steps indicate otherwise. It is not required in a secular State to tame religions. It is not required to impose a religion, but to respect freedom of belief. What the secular State must avoid is putting forward religious preferences or brotherhood preferences. This is the neutrality of the State which does not mean insensitivity to religious facts.

I wish you, Mr. President of the Republic, a successful participation in the OIC Summit. Your predecessor, President Macky Sall, always made the voice of an Ummah of economic, social and religious solidarity heard. Also the voice of a Muslim world open to dialogue, tolerance and which opposes stigmatization, terrorism, radicalization and insecurity. Our country’s position in its support of Palestine is clear and committed. It must be reaffirmed.

In all areas of the life of the Nation, I advise you to be the President of the Republic who is reasonable, balanced and haughty. You are already appreciated and therefore you do not need the excessive show and exhibitionism. You have cleared the weighting so far. It is the same for Pm Sonko which unfolds with a controlled rhythm.

Weighting everything and analyzing the impact of all your decisions in detail are the path to successful governance. This is why, in a recent contribution to the national press on your recent decisions on land management, I congratulated you on your commitment to fighting abuses. But also, I told you that after opening Pandora’s box, you will have to focus on all the oddities committed and the chain of actors who allow its proliferation at all levels, including state officials. . The population is not demanding justice for the victors, justice for revenge, justice for the system, but rather justice for all, without exclusion. The misdeeds in land do not date from today. It is a long history of laxity from which even some who today shout loudly and think they are saints have benefited. I alerted President Faye so that he does not fall into the trap of some activists, mayors, deputies, politicians, entrepreneurs, or even agents of the domains who are in excess and in intimidation and who thus seek a capital of professional, political and social visibility.

Mr. President of the Republic, on this land issue, it is not a question of rushing into endless meetings and creation of committees. It must be done quickly and clearly. That is possible. We must sanction those who have abused (and we know who they are) and quickly allow those who are within their rights to quickly benefit from their rights. Otherwise, we are helping to harm the latter, some of whom have already suffered enough. Bad apples must not penalize legitimate beneficiaries and also prevent the body of notaries from providing them with the support to which they are entitled.

We pray for the success of Senegal and for the fair application of Jub, Jubal, Jubanti.

I express to you, Mr. President Faye, my pride in the reaffirmation of the diplomatic vision of the State of Senegal through unwavering support for a viable and sovereign Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with United Nations resolutions. . The immediate ceasefire in Gaza that you mentioned is a high demand for humanity. Mr. President, I cannot fail to quote you again for your remarks about promoting Islam: it is important that the OIC and the Member States strengthen the dissemination of the authentic values ​​of Islam, a religion which advocates moderation, knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.
By Sheikh
Ibrahima DIALLO



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