This study reveals THE happiest province in Canada

A recent study ranked all Canadian provinces according to their level of happiness, and surprise… Quebec won the ranking hands down!

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Eh yes! Quebec stood out by occupying first place, followed by British Columbia and Ontario.

Unfortunately for them, Saskatchewanians received less positive results by being named the least happy of all provinces…


Lucky Days Survey

The study, conducted by online gaming site Lucky Days, evaluated eight key aspects of quality of life, giving each a score out of ten to determine which province offers the best quality of life and, therefore, the greatest happiness for its residents.

The data used for this analysis came from various sources, including the National Statistics Office, Statistics Canada and the Government of Canada, and covered the following areas:

Ranked at the top, Quebec posts an impressive overall score of 8.63 out of 10. The province particularly excelled by obtaining a perfect score of 10 for the “Life Satisfaction” indicator.

Additionally, Quebec wins in several other areas, notably regarding employment opportunities, where it also obtained a perfect score of 10 for “Unemployment Risk”. In fact, Quebec has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, standing at just 4.5%.

Furthermore, the province stands out in all aspects related to health, with perfect scores for “life expectancy”, “perceived health” and “perceived mental health”. In addition to an average life expectancy of 82.6 years, Quebec has the highest percentage of respondents rating their general health and mental health as “excellent” or “good.”


Lucky Days Survey

How good it is to live in Quebec!

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