Algerian woman returning from Syria escapes expulsion decided by the prefect

Algerian woman returning from Syria escapes expulsion decided by the prefect
Algerian woman returning from Syria escapes expulsion decided by the prefect

She will be able to stay in France. Administrative justice has canceled an expulsion order to Algeria taken against an Algerian woman who grew up in Roubaix, in the North, before leaving as a minor with her family to Syria. She had already suspended the emergency order in October before ruling on the merits.

The judgment emphasizes “his desire for integration in France” and his “hostility” towards “this period of his life”. Even if the family of this 25-year-old young woman has 23 members who joined the jihadist organization Islamic State.

“Hostility towards one’s original environment”

She was not indicted, nor placed under the status of assisted witness upon her return, notes the administrative court of Lille in its judgment of May 3, confirming information from the newspaper The world.

“If she did not expressly condemn the terrorist organization with which she lived for several years, she has, on numerous occasions, distanced herself and expressed her hostility towards her original environment and this period of his life”, it is underlined.

The applicant, of whom “no document in the file” proves that she fought in the jihadist ranks or exercised responsibilities, according to the court, has also demonstrated “her desire for social and professional integration”.

“A lot of time was wasted in this sad affair, for nothing,” reacted his lawyer, Me Marie Dosé. “This procedure added unnecessary suffering. » Contacted by AFP, the Northern prefecture did not comment.

Algerian in an irregular situation

In his expulsion order taken in October 2023, the prefect at the time Georges-François Leclerc had described the young woman as a “serious and persistent threat to public order”, insisting in particular on her “relations with other returnees since his return.

Mother of two little girls born in Syria, where her mother took her in 2014 at the age of 15, she says she is the victim of a tyrannical and radicalized family. She returned to France in January 2023 with her daughters, after five years in territories controlled by the Islamic State organization and four in camps in northern Syria.

Her mother having refused to apply for French nationality for her when she was a teenager, she is today an Algerian national in an irregular situation. The administrative court rejected his request to obtain a residence permit, but ordered the prefecture to re-examine his situation within two months.



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