Celebrating Naked Gardening

Celebrating Naked Gardening
Celebrating Naked Gardening

Believe it or not, yesterday I got sunburned. Yes, the weather was nice in Paris and at Mathilde’s invitation, I took part in World Naked Gardening Day.

So, I should have put on full screen, I could barely sit up, my butt was bright red. A real baboon’s ass.

There were three of us: Mathilde, Anthony and me.

Anthony who shamed me. He had gotten naked before arriving in Mathilde’s garden.
So, believe me, there are people at noon on metro line 4.

Well otherwise it was great, Anthony didn’t want to leave, he rolled around in the grass like a mutt. Then he ended up running over a hedgehog and there he was the least clever.

In short, a very very nice day.

A day that I ended at home watching the news. And there, the shock. Surely a turning point in the campaign for the European elections: Elisabeth Borne joins the list of the presidential majority.

The greatest comeback in political history. Nobody believed it, but Elisabeth Borne is back.

She’s coming back, she’s going to blow up. Zaza the intrepid. Miss Xanax is going to be a game changer.

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