Domestic violence: a repeat offender sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison

A Quebec man headed to the penitentiary after admitting his guilt to charges of domestic violence, in front of his new partner who came to support him in the courtroom.

Jean-François Moffet admitted his guilt at the Quebec courthouse to charges of assault, sexual assault and harassment. The prosecution and defense lawyers suggested a sentence of 54 months in detention, which Judge Réna Émond accepted.

Moffet, 33, had already been sentenced to 90 days in detention in 2022 for committing assault by strangulation and criminal harassment of a previous partner.


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Jean-François Moffet

Photo: Instagram jeffmoffet565

While awaiting trial in this case, he began dating Audrey Van Houtte, who was unaware of his legal troubles at the time.

When their union became official, Ms. Van Houtte noticed a change in the behavior of her new spouse.

The accused made contemptuous remarks about her physique as well as her role as a motherrecounted the prosecutor, Me Laura Dufour-Plamondon.


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Me Laura Dufour-Plamondon, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Yannick Bergeron

In a statement of facts signed by him, the accused admitted having used force on the victim and having behaved in a threatening manner so as to make him fear for his safety.

It is also specified that Jean-François Moffet performed certain sexual gestures on her without having had her consent.

In a letter read to the court by Me Dufour-Plamondon, the victim notes the irony of her ex-partner’s stay in prison.

However, it is me who has been deprived of my freedom since the day my life intersected with that of Jean-François.

A quote from Excerpt from the letter from victim Audrey Van Houtte

The young mother requested the lifting of the publication ban which protected her identity.

If I can save anyone or help anyone…expressed the young mother to journalists, leaving the courtroom.

Relieved by the outcome, she now wants to rebuild her life.

New spouse

In addition to the accusations involving Audrey Van Houtte, Jean-François Moffet has settled his cases related to his new partner.

The latter was also present in the courtroom to support him.

The special constable intervened with her to tell her not to communicate with her partner, who was exchanging knowing glances with the young woman from the dock.

This new spouse had herself filed a complaint against Moffet, but the prosecution seems to have lost its cooperation, since the charges concerning her were mostly withdrawn.

Only one remained: that of having communicated with her in a harassing manner by sending her repeated messages.

Dangerous driving

Last March, following an argument with this woman, the police had to intervene.

The police spotted Moffet’s vehicle on Bastien Boulevard, which fled without respecting the Highway Safety Code, which earned him charges of obstruction and dangerous driving.

He was eventually arrested and held in prison while his case was resolved. Due to pre-trial detention, he has just over three years left to serve.



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