“We have not shown the true face of the CBC, it takes pride”

“We have not shown the true face of the CBC, it takes pride”
“We have not shown the true face of the CBC, it takes pride”

Two days before the return match of the round of 16 of the playoffs against Le Havre, scheduled for this Friday, May 3 (8 p.m.), Caen BC trained in full (only Marc-Eddy Norelia, long injured, missing). After the high intensity session, Stéphane Eberlin, the Calvados coach, took stock.

Stéphane, how do you feel about your group after the slap you received in Le Havre (81-57)?

There’s not much to say. We have to react on Friday, that’s all.

“We’re going to wash our dirty laundry as a family,” you said last Friday. What did you say to yourself?

It’s done and it will stay in the family.

“We came out of the second phase mentally affected”

When discussing the keys to the expected rebound, Rolandas Jakštas spoke of defense and Bali Coulibaly cited Valentin Bigote as the man to control. Will it necessarily happen there?

Valentin Bigote was exceptional last Friday, that’s for sure. He made 8 assists and scored 24 points. Basically, 50 points went through his hands. We were much too kind to him. But there are plenty of other players around him. We should not just stop Bigote and let the others catch fire. Overall, we need to be more consistent defensively and we need to bring more energy and intensity into attack. We have to find and set a rhythm. This is what brings skill and aggressiveness.

You accepted defeat in Le Havre. This Friday, May 3, the players will have 40 minutes to write the rest?

Everyone will write the sequel. It’s not just the players, there’s the staff, the managers. It’s an ensemble that is in the same boat. We all have to have a reaction. If she is there, we will have the weapons to play a beautiful role.

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Did you sense any warning signs of this rout?

The problem is that we came out of the second phase mentally affected. I knew it was going to be hard, I wanted to see how we were going to be able to get back into it. I said the hardest part would be getting into the playoffs. Once you’re in, it’s good but for that, you need a victory. We had a good start to the match but unfortunately, we fell in the second quarter… It has a lot to do with the mind.

“We need to get our heads straight”

Are you still waiting for answers regarding this group’s ability to respond?

Either way, our backs are against the wall. Either you react or you go home. Of course, I’m waiting for everyone’s reaction.

Will you seek out the players in their pride?

It takes pride after a slap like that. For me, we did not show the true face of Caen BC. That’s what drives me crazy, and I told the players that. When we see what we have been able to produce in the past and what we did in Le Havre, it is not possible. We need to put our heads together and go into battle together. And I said everyone together, that is to say the staff, the players, the managers… We are all in the same boat. Before Quimper, everyone was jumping in the air (the CBC was then two victories away from direct promotion). Today, we are in a difficult moment, which we do not like to live through, but we must bounce back.

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Will the 4,200 Caen supporters present on Friday have a real role to play?

Of course. The public didn’t let us go. He was there in Le Havre and will be again. We have pressure. Now it’s up to us not to suffer it. For that, there is only one thing to do: go into battle. If we take this second match, the ascendancy will return to our side, it’s the story of the playoffs. What makes their magic. We saw it last year at Orchies: we lost the second match by being bad and we turned the situation around in the third match with a lot of desire and aggression. This is what we will have to find. It’s no longer a question of individualities, you have to give everything. We ask ourselves too many questions, we have to play.



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