Thierry Marx opens his new affordable Bouillon in Saint Ouen: Le Bouillon du Coq

Thierry Marx opens his new affordable Bouillon in Saint Ouen: Le Bouillon du Coq
Thierry Marx opens his new affordable Bouillon in Saint Ouen: Le Bouillon du Coq

Good deal alert, Thierry Marx, the famous starred chef, is preparing to open a new establishment in Saint-Ouen from July 11, 2024. Named Bouillon du Coq, this restaurant promises to combine good French dishes with affordable prices. Eating Thierry Marx for less than €20, that’s something to get excited about.

The new restaurant of Thierry Marx has something to delight gourmets who are careful with their wallets. Located at Saint-Ouenthe bouillon you Coq will open on July 11, 2024. It aims to offer everyone quality cuisine at affordable prices. Excellent news for lovers of good food who will be able to taste traditional dishes revisited without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you need to know about this new location:

A true institution in the making : The Rooster Broth of Thierry Marx will take place in the building of the former White House Roostera culinary institution for more than a century.

Of the delicious dishes Has affordable prices : Thierry Marx said it wanted to keep prices affordable for customers. You will be able to enjoy classic dishes such as eggs mayonnaise, onion soup or even free-range chicken gratin dauphinois without breaking the bank. The menu will be set at around fifteen euros on average. On Instagram, the chef is already revealing a menu composed of Beef Heart Tomato, vinaigrette + Knife sausage, mashed potatoes + Crème brûlée at €15.60!

And training project : There is also talk of setting up a training location within the future restaurant or nearby.

This historic restaurant, completely renovated, is ideally located in a rapidly expanding residential and tertiary sector, just a stone’s throw from the Town Hall and line 14.

We are promised friendliness and authenticity, all at a low cost. The setting promises to be warm, spread over two floors and completed by a terrace, to enjoy the beautiful days. In addition, on the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the spot will welcome visitors, while Saint Ouen will host the Brazilian Delegation.

The opening of this bouillon has Saint-Ouen marks a turning point in the career of Thierry Marx. It promises to offer a gourmet culinary experience for all. It will be an opportunity, in any case, to taste tasty and affordable dishes in a place full of history.

Committed to the accessibility of gastronomy, Thierry Marx affirms its desire to preserve a Parisian tradition of broths at affordable prices. The exterior appearance of the White House Rooster will be preserved, and a tarpaulin announcing the start of the project will soon be installed on the site.

While waiting for July, you can treat yourself to Petit Bouillon Versailles or discover or rediscover the cuisine of Thierry Marx in his other restaurants. Direction Mrs. Brasserie for a beautiful view of the Capital from the top of the Eiffel Tower or at Honhis first restaurant which combines haute cuisine and solidarity.



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