The DH was in the audience of the last Grand Cactus show! Here’s everything you haven’t seen on TV

The DH was in the audience of the last Grand Cactus show! Here’s everything you haven’t seen on TV
The DH was in the audience of the last Grand Cactus show! Here’s everything you haven’t seen on TV

Head to Liège!

Before a well-deserved break for the comedians and columnists of the Grand Cactus, the DH made the trip to the Média Rives studios in Liège, where the recording of the show is taking place. This takes place right next to another set well known to the general public, that of The Voice Belgium.

For some the road will be longer than for others but the finality will be all the more satisfying because, in addition to attending the show on the other side of the small screen, we have also witnessed from a series of juicy moments not broadcast on television.

The queue before being able to enter the film set of “Grand Cactus”. ©Morganevanlierde

Firstly, you should know that the filming takes place in the evening, and that the times are for information purposes only. This Wednesday, May 22, for example, the day of recording, we were able to enter the set at 8 p.m., the time at which filming normally begins… Counting the delays, the cuts, the breaks, we were able to leave the set around 11 p.m. 30 p.m.

A warm welcome

Once the tickets have been scanned, priced at 7.50 euros per person, we are greeted by two charming hostesses who take our coats and allow us one last trip to the toilet. Then comes the second line (after the one outside, which unfortunately for us took place in the rain), where a member of security guards the entrance to the studio with an iron fist. Once the door is open, the guard lets people in slowly, taking care not to create a traffic jam in the narrow corridor dotted with cables on the ground to reach the studio.

After receiving a small bottle of water, we are seated by a member of the film crew. No need to jostle to get to the front of the line, it’s not necessarily the first one who is best served! You can nevertheless try to use your charms with the usher, as did three nice ladies in front of us to be placed just behind the comedians. In a wheelchair, you are also welcome, not a step in sight!

“Red devils, we would win even if we put on ski boots!”: masterful return of Fabian Le Castel as Slimane in the last “Grand Cactus”

Once seated, comedian Martin Charlier acts as room chauffeur for a few moments before Samuel, the real chauffeur, enters and sets the mood straight away. Claps of hands, long, short, with laughter, changes of lights, we didn’t see the minutes pass.

After an announcement of the safety instructions comes the explanation of the screens and the green background where the scenes that you can see on the screen take place, such as, for example, the intervention of the reporter James Deano and his famous “parachute jump ”!

Under the sunlight of the tropics

So here we are, ready to spend an excellent evening in the tropics! Because yes, the heat on set can be difficult to manage, so choose light clothing! As for the seats, don’t expect to be very well seated, you’ll have to hold on tight!

Once everyone is well settled and the technical team is in place, the two presenters arrive and greet the audience, followed closely by our national David Jeanmotte and Livia Dushkoff, who is never without her smartphone. Finally, Agustín Galiana enters the stage, performing a victory lap while clapping the audience’s hands. A nice starter that gets everyone in the mood.

An animated shoot

After two breaks, during which we had to remain seated in the audience, it was time for makeup touch-ups for the columnists. Certain scenes, which provoked fits of laughter, are being filmed again. Among them, the arrival of Damien Gillard as Agustín Galiana, or the series of punchlines between the columnists including the explanation from Adrien Devyver to David Jeanmotte concerning the presence – or not – of Argentina at the Euro football .

When there is no more…

The evening ended with the arrival of all the comedians present that evening on the set and a shower of confetti. Once the recording was finished, the columnists, presenters and comedians stayed for a few additional minutes to interact with the audience. The opportunity for some fans to ask for one or the other selfie.

Our feeling when the recording came out? That of having had a pleasant experience which also allows the public to realize how titanic the work of the backstage teams is. In the shadows, they are an integral part of the success of the Grand Cactus!

If you also want to participate in an RTBF broadcast, this is where it happens:



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