5 things to know about Slimane, the representative of France

5 things to know about Slimane, the representative of France
5 things to know about Slimane, the representative of France

France’s next candidate for Eurovision is now known to the general public: it is Slimane Nebchi. The singer, who was discovered during the talent show The Voiceintends to win the competition with an unreleased song called My love.

Slimane, who has already released 4 successful albums and written numerous songs for other artists, will attempt to win the top spot in this 68th edition of the competitionwhich takes place in Malmö, Sweden, from Tuesday May 7 to Saturday May 11, 2024.

Its representation in the competition delighted in particular Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment and varieties of France Televisions and head of the French delegation to Eurovision who declared to Parisian : “We are so delighted to have such a popular personality who speaks to all generations (…) We have gold in our hands.” On this day which marks the start of the competition, we give you 5 facts to know about Slimane.

1 – He is a fan of Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour

Slimane has frequently expressed his admiration for the great figures of French song, such as Jacques Brel And Charles Aznavour. He has had a love for the French language since his childhood in Chelles, in Seine-et-Marne, which he developed by performing the titles of these icons in the streets of his city.

Moreover, in honor of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Pariswhich was badly burned in 2019, Slimane gave a special concert on France 2 from the Cour des Invalides. On this occasion, he performed with emotion When we only have love by Jacques Brel, thus confirming his attachment to the French-speaking musical heritage.

2 – He joined a gospel choir in 2002

Before positioning himself as one of the most appreciated personalities of his generation, Slimane Nebchi developed his musical talent through various enriching experiences. He first started to play in a gospel choir in 2002, a genre renowned for its vocal and technical demands.

Through this immersion in gospel, Slimane acquired vocal mastery, developing his ability to harmonize his voice with that of other singers. Following his baccalaureate, he entered several music schools for three years and plays in bars in Pigalle.

3 – He won season 5 of “The Voice”

The participation of Slimane Nebchi in the fifth season of The Voice, broadcast on TF1, remains a memorable moment of the competition. The four coaches were convinced by his resumption of On the flower of you of Vitaa during the blind auditions.

Thanks to performances like Tremendous, Mom’s eyes, Everyone thinks about it And Back to BlackSlimane wins this edition on May 14, 2016 with 33% of the public vote. His performance of On the flower of you remains one of the most memorable auditions of the show’s twelve seasons. More than 30 million people have watched this performance on YouTube.

4 – His album with Vitaa sold more than 1 million copies

Album sales Versus of Vitaa and Slimane have exceeded the million sales in 2019. The two artists began their collaboration with the title I give it to you in 2018, creating, together, a beautiful bond: “We complemented each other because I was trying to bring back concepts of writing and she concepts of flow, of melody. Suddenly, it was “was intertwined”, Slimane confided on RTL.

Despite strong media pressure, they notably won six NRJ Music Awards and an Victory of Music. The album topped the charts, and its hits such as It comes and goes And Before you have become essential. This success represents a crucial step in their career, ranking them among the rare French artists to have achieved this number of sales.

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Slimane performs “It’s going, it’s coming” in “Le Grand Studio RTL’


5 – He had been tipped for Eurovision 2023

Slimane was in the running to represent France at Eurovision 2023. According to a Source close to the production reported by The Parisianthe French delegation had planned to use a song by Slimane, but Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the delegation, ultimately opted for The Zarra.

This information was confirmed by Slimane himself on RTL in January 2023, who admitted to having been contacted for the competition and expressed his interest in this type of challenge.

“I have a playful side, I like taking on challenges, and representing France would be one of them,” he declared, adding that he did not rule out the possibility of future participation. Finally, it will be this year 2024 that he will try his luck to win this prestigious competition starting this Tuesday, May 7.

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