Two students from the “Star Academy” appear in “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”

Two students from the “Star Academy” appear in “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”
Two students from the “Star Academy” appear in “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”

The TF1 daily soap opera will soon welcome two former residents of the Château.

They will play their own role and give a concert to launch the start of the beach restaurant season.

All episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us” are available on TF1+.

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Star Academy 2023

They will soon reunite with the viewers who followed them for several weeks. Candice and Victorien, students of the 2023 class of “Star Academy”, were recruited by Tomorrow belongs to us for a special appearance. The apprentice singers were photographed on the set of the TF1 daily soap opera, clap in hand to announce their future collaboration. If the duo comes to Sète, it is to give “an exceptional concert which will launch the summer season”.

A new oyster farmer in Sète

“To properly celebrate summer around cocktails and tapas, La Paillote was celebrating with music, crowded tables and everyone happy!”indicates a first synopsis of the episode shared by the channel. “Very comfortable behind their microphones, Candice and Victorien took advantage of the enthusiastic welcome that was reserved for them between thunderous applause, cheers and selfies”continues TF1.

The characters of Aaron, Amel, Charles, Chloé, Diego, Jack and even Victoire will attend this performance which will be broadcast in the coming weeks. What if it was a special Fête de la Musique episode for June 21? We can also already imagine a scene between Victorien and Alex Bertrand, played by Alexandre Brasseur, both working as oyster farmers.

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Victorien and Candice are no longer apart professionally at the moment. The first joined the second and his comrades on Sunday April 28 during the “Star Academy” concert at the Zénith in Montpellier. In particular, he was able to perform his first single, “Tous les matins”, in front of a captivated crowd. The successful tour of the class of 2023 continues until July, with a highly anticipated stop at the Accor Arena in Paris where more than 15,000 spectators await the young artists on June 8.




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