“Antisunscreen”: what is this trend that worries dermatologists?

“Antisunscreen”: what is this trend that worries dermatologists?
“Antisunscreen”: what is this trend that worries dermatologists?


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June 25, 2024 at 10:00 p.m.

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The dangers of the sun are well documented. In addition to premature aging of the skin, 80% of skin cancers are due to excessive and unprotected exposuremainly during childhood.

However, for several months a trend encouraging people to no longer apply sunscreen.

Among the arguments of these pseudo-expert influencers – who therefore have no scientific training – we find the fear of absorption by the skin of dangerous chemicals, the fact that sunscreen would clog the pores of the skin or even would deprive it of vitamin D, acting as a barrier.

Thus, on her account, TikToker Shannon Fairweather (to name just one) explains that she does not want to deprive her skin of the healing rays of the sun, using only coconut oil as protection.

Influencers versus science

“We are observing the spread of this false information regarding sunscreen,” reacts the Order of Chemists of Quebec in a press release.

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It is crucial to rely on solid scientific data and reject fear-based narratives. Sunscreens are developed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The active ingredients, whether mineral or chemical, act by absorbing, reflecting or dispersing UV rays. Scientific research demonstrates the effectiveness and safety of these ingredients when used as directed.

Order of Chemists of Quebec

The incidence of skin cancer is constantly increasing for 30 years. The best known being melanoma: the latter affects 15,500 new patients, and costs the lives of 1,980 patients each year in France.

But how does the sun expose us to cancer?

The rays, when they penetrate our skin, “generate alterations in the skin cells which have mechanisms allowing them to repair the damage suffered”, explains the League against Cancer.

But this ability does not last over time, especially when the epidermis is too regularly exposed to the sun. “When damaged cells are no longer repaired properly, mutations can occur and cause the cell to become cancerous.”

Also, in order to preserve your health, it is essential to protect yourself when exposed to the sun.

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