Les Halles de Bernicourt: the new beating heart of Roost-Warendin

Today, Roost-Warendin is inaugurating the Halles de Bernicourt, an ambitious project which transforms the former commercial wasteland into a dynamic space of 1600 m² dedicated to local products and short circuits.

In order to revitalize this space and strengthen the attractiveness of the town, an ambitious project to build covered halls was developed and inaugurated today by Vice-President Christophe Coulon, in the presence of municipal and regional elected officials.

Thanks to this project, Roost-Warendin is equipped with modern and sustainable equipment which promises to transform and energize the heart of the town, while offering new services to its residents and those of the Douaisis agglomeration.

Actions for the hearts of cities

The “Halles de Bernicourt”, a modern and functional space which accommodates 20 stands dedicated to the food trade over an area of ​​1,650 m², was created thanks to the support of the Hauts-de-France Region, which invests for its territories.

Located in the city center, at the crossroads of the three major axes of the town and near the Château de Bernicourt, listed as a historic monument, these halls will be open every day. They house permanent traders, and will occasionally host evening or weekend events, and will be managed by the municipality of Roost-Warendin.

The first of its kind to be established in the Douais region in the spirit of the “Halles de la Maillerie” in the Lille metropolis, the Halles de Bernicourt aim to be a driver of attractiveness and influence for Roost-Warendin, beyond its municipal boundaries.

Short circuits and local products

This 1,600 m² facility facilitates consumer access to short circuits and local products. Thanks to its multiple offerings, it revitalizes the city center and strengthens the links between customers and their merchants.

On site, there is a caterer, a butcher, a fishmonger, a wine merchant, a florist, a cheese maker, a rotisserie, a café, a tea shop and a confectionery, but also a bar, snacks and a bread store.

A rev3 project

Equipped with photovoltaic panels, a rainwater recovery system and LED lighting, the halls provide comfort and safety to all users.

And thanks to the 62 parking spaces, customers can easily access the commercial area.

The Region is committed to its territories

The Region supported this exemplary project by allocating a subsidy of €750,000, corresponding to 26.69% of the subsidizable expenditure.



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