“Everywhere he went, it ended badly”: Thomas Sotto (Télématin) overwhelmed by new testimonies

“Everywhere he went, it ended badly”: Thomas Sotto (Télématin) overwhelmed by new testimonies
“Everywhere he went, it ended badly”: Thomas Sotto (Télématin) overwhelmed by new testimonies

On July 3, 2024, Télérama shared an investigation into journalist Thomas Sotto, who allegedly created a climate of terror within the editorial staff of “Télématin”on France 2.

If the star of the show said to herself ” hurt “ by the accusations and assured that he had “corrected the shot two years ago”. But the story does not end there…

This July 5, 2024, Tele-Leisure shares new damning testimonies. Our colleagues report that Thomas Sotto would be “very difficult and may have seizures” citing a source.

Burn out, humiliation, blacklist, égo…

And to add: « Moi, I saw him humiliate columnists in debrief conference”. As proof, this new anonymous witness claims: “We had a programmer who was particularly responsible for 4 Truths and very experienced. She burned out after two months because of him.« .

A character trait that Thomas Sotto would have a hard time erasing, according to this source. Indeed, over time “There are many who left because of him, others who no longer want to work with him and those he blacklisted…” she says.

Besides, it’s quite simple, says another close friend: ” Everywhere he went, it ended badly.”. His contract with RTL is notably mentioned. And a former collaborator reports: “He didn’t talk to anyone on the radio and was unpleasant with others. At RTL, it went badly in the end. He only likes himself. He has a huge ego« .

Thomas Sotto covered by his management?

A story that persists despite the denial of the management of France Televisions au ParisianThe channel assures via Alexandre Kara, director of information: Thomas Sotto “and his team have our full confidence. They have done an excellent job this season”.

Internally, Thomas Sotto’s opponents are convinced that the journalist benefits from impunity because of his ratings. « As Telematin marchemanagement does not necessarily want to make waves, and keeps it » indeed balances a source.



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