Kanye West Denounces New Employee, Called “New Slave”

Kanye West Denounces New Employee, Called “New Slave”
Kanye West Denounces New Employee, Called “New Slave”

JAKARTA – Kanye West was sued by his former staff in the United States courts. His former staff said the rapper committed evil acts to disapprove of his employment and called the staff new slaves.

Citing TMZ, Kanye West along with Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos were sued by their former employees. They revealed that the conflict stems from West’s plan to create a YpravVSN app to promote his new album this year.

In his report, Kanye West did not want to pay streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal to promote his two albums Vultures and Vultures 2. He used the way of recruiting young employees to create the app.

Staff revealed that there are approximately 14 black workers and that West and Yiannopoulos force their employees to work without paying their salaries. The staff also mentioned that they discriminated against skin color and sexual orientation by treating them as new slaves and slaves.

Not only did West, his wife Bianca Censori also allegedly send pornographic content to minors. He sent a link when West announced an adult film company called Yeezy Porn in late April.

They were promised $120,000 to pay their salaries if they worked and didn’t complain. But West threatened to fire the employees if he did not sign a letter of agreement.

The planned application continues to operate, but the managers have not paid their employees’ rights. Eventually, the staff sued Kanye West to seek compensation for the second-hand work and the moral stress he has acquired.

Previously, Kanye West was sued against a former employee for sexual harassment and new working conditions in early June. West responded to the lawsuit citing the accusations as baseless.

This is the fourth lawsuit filed against Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, but so far, Kanye West has not responded to the lawsuit.

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