his shocking revelations about Pierre Palmade, “For me, it’s a…

his shocking revelations about Pierre Palmade, “For me, it’s a…
his shocking revelations about Pierre Palmade, “For me, it’s a…

By Aurélie H

– Published on June 14, 2024 at 8:30 p.m.

Michèle Laroque spoke about the road accident caused by Pierre Palmade. The actress made revelations about the comedian’s addictions.

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In February 2023, Pierre Palmade had a serious road accident which he himself caused by being under the influence of various illicit substances. The toll was heavy, since three people were seriously injured, including a woman who lost her baby, when she was seven months pregnant. In order to find out more about the circumstances of this accident, the personalities were upset to learn that the comedian and actor had been transported to hospital. But when it was announced that he was under the influence of drugs, he lost many supports. This is the case of Muriel Robin, although very close to Pierre Palmade. This was also the case of Michèle Laroque. , one of her lifelong friends.

Michèle Laroque “don’t judge”

Six months after this terrible accident, Michèle Laroque gave an interview to Paris Match. She didn’t make excuses for what her friend had done. On the other hand, she tried to understand how he could have fallen like this. I do not judge. The problem is to know why this tragedy happened. For me, this is a huge sadness, in many ways for everyone involved in this accident. He really tried (to quit his addictions), and I witnessed it. But we are all different. I tried to understand, which does not mean excusing. I always believed in it, and so did he.”she declared at first.

Michèle Laroque admits that Pierre Palmade has already played “stoned”

During this interview, Michèle Laroque admitted that Pierre Palmade has already played while under the influence of drugs. Together, they shared the stage for several years. Michèle Laroque and Pierre Palmade played several shows where they played a married couple, then divorced and finally reconciled. When he was stoned on stage, I wasn’t angry. I was sad. Sad for him. That’s what made him stop, because he couldn’t stand seeing me sad, with tears in my eyes. We cannot prevent the other from following a dramatic trajectory. He’s incredibly talented, but he hasn’t solved his problems. He asked me to tell him what I understood about him, about his construction. But we don’t look alike.”she announced.

Pierre Palmade will be tried for “unintentional injuries”

A few weeks ago, the Pierre Palmade affair took a new turn. It turns out that justice has ruled: the comedian will be tried for “unintentional injuries”. The Melun public prosecutor’s office had requested that Pierre Palmade be tried for “aggravated homicide and involuntary injuries”but the investigating judge decided that he would be tried for “unintentional injuries resulting in total incapacity for work”. The reason ? It was impossible to make a link between the direct cause of the child’s death in utero and the road accident. This reclassification is therefore to the advantage of Pierre Palmade, since the penalty incurred is reduced. The actor’s trial should be held before the end of the current year.



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