this method which allowed him to lose 16 kilos, “It…

this method which allowed him to lose 16 kilos, “It…
this method which allowed him to lose 16 kilos, “It…

By Inez Jean-Baptiste

– Published on May 24, 2024 at 2:30 p.m.modified on May 24, 2024 at 2:32 p.m.

Inès Reg reveals her slimming secret on Instagram, after losing no less than 16 kg.

After his notable participation in the thirteenth season of Dance with the starsInès Reg is now in the spotlight on the show Mask Singer, broadcast on TF1. While the public discovered the comedian’s dancing talents alongside his partner Christophe Licata, the 31-year-old actress did not fail to make headlines in backcombing with Natasha St-Pier. Today, it’s as a juror Mask Singer season 6 that the one who is accused of being “a TF1 product” shares the screen with her colleagues Kev Adams, Laurent Ruquier and Chantal Ladesou.

Inès Reg transformed

Soon to star in a television series from TF1, the comedian shared his impressive physical transformation with his community. Appearing very slim, she revealed the before/after of her change, with supporting photos on Instagram. Renowned for her offbeat humor and sincerity, she did not fail to surprise her fans with his spectacular transformation.

In fact, the young woman managed to lose 16 kilos : “ I started the Abura method at 76 kilos on June 16, 2020 and on November 16, 2020 I was at 61 kilos. Today, I am at 60 kilos”, she confided on her Instagram account, before adding, “I share this with you because it changed my life, so if it can change yours too, if you need it. »

The secrets of weight loss

For Inès Reg, this weight loss is not linked to any contract or paid partnership. The latter simply wanted share your experience and his success with his community, hoping to inspire others to do the same. “I changed my body and I really feel better”, she pointed out.

The Abura method, which she followed, turned out to be a revelation for her. This slimming treatment combines several recognized techniques for losing weight effectively, while allowing you to maintain certain food pleasures, like the Kinder that she loves so much.

Focus on the Abura method

Contrary to what one might think, the Abura method is not a strict diet. It allows you to continue to enjoy little gourmet pleasures. “That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to eat Kinder ever again in my life. One day I might even gain weight again. It’s beyond appearance, I’m no longer out of breath, tired for nothing, and above all, I’m no longer looking for a thousand techniques to feel comfortable in my clothes.” she explains.

The method offers adapted menus, a personalized assessment, a calculation of individual needs and practical shopping lists, while allowing you to eat cookies and tacos from time to time.

Inès Reg and intermittent fasting

In addition to the Abura method, Inès Reg also adopted intermittent fasting, a practice that helped her achieve her goals. During an interview given to TV Star last February, the comedian explained how she incorporated intermittent fasting into her routine. “I lost weight by trying intermittent fasting. I was tired of seeing girls on Instagram saying they lost 20 pounds with intermittent fasting. I thought it was impossible, but it actually works crazy! I started doing it on the film I shot this summer with Kevin [son ex-mari]. I’m happy to have lost weight”, she confided.

Inès Reg’s transformation is a Source of inspiration for many. Its sincere and transparent approach shows that sustainable weight loss is possible without giving up the pleasures of life. Thanks to the Abura method and intermittent fasting, the actress has found a balance that suits her and which could well help other people achieve their well-being goals. “It changed my life” she says, and her experience proves that change is within reach for anyone willing to try.



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