after Henry Cavill, David Corenswet reveals a colossal physique

While James Gunn has just revealed the first image of its Superman, fans are debating which look is better: Henry Cavill’s or David Corenswet’s? Each fan of the superhero will have their own opinion on this subject, but one thing is certain, it is that the new interpreter of Clark Kent has developed a musculature that has nothing to envy of that of its predecessor!

THE impressive physique David Corenswet reveals himself in photos

The most famous superhero of all time will soon return to the big screen. Next year, 8 years later Justice Leaguewhich marked Superman’s last real major role in cinema, the vigilante will be back in the guise of David Corenswet. Still little known to the general public, the actor will succeed Henry Cavill, which will not be an easy task: the latter was considered perfect in the skin of Clark Kent. Several parameters will be taken into account so that the new adventures of the Kryptonian are successful, from the script to the direction, including casting, costumes and special effects. While most of these elements are in the hands of James Gunn, there is at least one thing that David Corenswet is able to influence (apart from his acting): his own physique.


And as you can see from the visuals above, the actor has indeed developed muscles that have nothing to envy of those of Henry Cavill! Although the first visual of Superman, where the actor is in a costume, don’t let anyone guess that David Corenswet is so massive, the actor definitely has an impressive physique. A transformation that began several months agosince last November, we shared with you a photo of his training.

And you, what do you think of the actor’s appearance? Do you think he matches Superman’s physique?



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