The winning trajectory of Aixam license-free cars

The winning trajectory of Aixam license-free cars
The winning trajectory of Aixam license-free cars

The news

Isère caterer Pierre Martinet ready to be bought by LDC

Groupe Snef completes its acquisition of a majority stake in Visiativ

Boccard wants to take over Nantes-based Leroux & Lotz Technologies

AS Saint-Etienne in the hands of Canadian Kilmer Sports Ventures

The LDLC Arena returns to the fold of Jean-Michel Aulas


Aixam takes advantage of the boom in license-free cars among young people

Hervé Sonneville (E-Totem): “We are entering a new era of growth”

Boralex’s strong ambitions in Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes

BV Sport expands and aims for diversification into new sports

Wanadev accelerates on configurators and video games

La Laiterie la Côtière is preparing its deployment in its new factory

Sol Solution invests 2 million euros to double its operational capacity in Riom

Lumapps in the fold of the British investment fund Bridgepoint

Neyret acquires a stake in laser marking specialist Qiova

Technology monitoring expert TKM acquires Grenoble start-up Skopai

1432 dreams of becoming the leading European equipment supplier in the cycle industry

With its Visarc helmet, Penta protects electrical professionals


Besson shoes accelerates the pace of its CSR dynamics

The Réguillon group launches into low-carbon concrete

The Enterprise of Possibles multiplies actions for precarious populations


Opopop counts on Amazon to accelerate reusable packaging

ZZZAPP, a collaborative application to fight against the tiger mosquito

Olgram receives 2.6 million euros to treat immunodeficiency


Maison Revol: design energizes the porcelain maker


Cédric Van Der Meiren, new president of France Chimie Aura



The We are parts purchasing center supports the bicycle industry

The Rhône Construction Federation is taking the sector on board for the ecological transition

Bel Air Textile opens its doors to companies in the sector


Paris 2024 Olympics: what economic benefits are expected in France?

How I did it

Christophe Dullin, Managing Director of Structa: “Since the introduction of the 4-day week, we have been working more efficiently”


The 2024 Companies of the Future Trophies

The great witness

Pierre Pelouzet, business mediator: “Start-ups and major accounts do not work together enough”



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