3 dates not to be missed before the end of June

3 dates not to be missed before the end of June
3 dates not to be missed before the end of June
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For property owners, the month of June rhymes with vigilance and anticipation. Between property tax and income tax, the deadlines follow one another and are not the same. As summer slowly sets in, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the tax calendar to avoid inconvenience.

Indeed, missing these dates could result in significant penalties. Here are the three dates, revealed by MoneyVox, to be marked with a white stone before the end of June. Take note and make sure you respect these deadlines for financial peace of mind throughout the year.

Property tax: last chance for late declaration

The 2023 income tax reporting period came to an end on June 6. For several weeks, taxpayers had the opportunity to complete their declaration. Whether they did it online or stuck to the good old paper method. However, those who missed the boat must now do facing penalties.

Are you a homeowner and you have not yet filed your property tax declaration? You still have a chance to put things right. The online declaration service remains open for last minute corrections. until June 26, 2024.

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This is a boon not only for latecomers, but also for those who failed to declare certain income or expenses.

Little reminder if the declaration of your property tax is automatic. You can go to the site impots.gouv.fr after the deadline. Also, the penalty for late reporting does not concern you. Instead, you will make a corrective declaration.

Monthly payment: make up your mind!

For property owners, June not only means the start of summer, but also important tax deadlines. Among them, the June 30, 2024 marks the deadline to opt for the monthly payment of the property tax for the current year.

But what is monthly payment? Monthly payment is a payment system that allows you to spread the amount of your property tax over twelve months. Instead of paying in full at once, you pay one-twelfth of the total amount each month. This reduces your immediate financial burden.

To join this system for the year 2024, you must apply before June 30, 2024. But after this date, you will only be able to benefit from this payment facility for the year 2025. If you make your request on time, the first withdrawal will take place on July 15, 2024, underlines MoneyVox.

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Property tax: final date for reporting changes

Owners, be vigilant! If the year 2023 has brought changes in the occupation of your real estate, it is imperative to do so report before June 30. In fact, each modification must be declared on the impots.gouv.fr portal, precisely in the section “Manage my real estate”. Whether it is a rental, a sale, or a change of use.

This reporting obligation should not be taken lightly. It allows the tax administration to update its records and thus ensure that your contribution is in line with your real situation. Failure to declare may expose you to complications, including adjustments to your property tax or penalties.

The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) emphasizes that from now on, the declaration of occupancy is mandatory only when there is a change. And for those who have changes to report, the process is now simplified thanks to the online option.

Source : MoneyVox



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