Search for Rwandan genocide fugitives concluded after confirmation of death of last two suspects

Abdou Nar Dia

May 16, 2024 at 06:30

This is the end of a hunt that lasted nearly thirty years. The last two fugitives wanted for their alleged involvement in the Rwandan genocide have been declared dead, according to a recent statement from the Mechanism, successor to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The individuals, identified as Charles Sikubwabo and Riyandikayo, were believed to have died in 1998.

The prosecutor’s office announces that traces of Sikubwabo and Riyandikayo are lost respectively in Ndjamena, Chad, and Kinshasa in the DRC. “We followed their journey from their departure to the Congo until their death in refugee camps,” explains Serge Brammertz, prosecutor of the Mechanism. This announcement marks the official closure of these two files.

At the same time, justice work continues, focused on international support. With more than a thousand individuals still wanted for genocide, mainly in Africa but also in Europe, collaboration with national justice systems remains a priority. The case of Fulgence Kayishema, arrested in South Africa and suspected of genocide crimes, however, remains ongoing, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in these long and complex judicial investigations.



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